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  1. Thank you. Will it be restocked or has it been discontinued?
  2. I have a Cosmos RC1000 and a Cosmos S RC1100 cases. My original Cosmos came with a 120mm fan bracket that I could snap into the bottom of my case or over the hard drives. The Cosmos S has the holes to snap in the same bracket, but didn't come with one. So I took it from my older Cosmos and put it in the newer Cosmos S case. However I'd love to be able to buy two more of these. They are not sold in the CM Store under spare parts though. Is there a way to buy them?
  3. Looking at the spare parts store, it lists the Cosmos S fan as a 200x230x30mm fan at 700 RPM. http://cmstore.coolermaster-usa.com/pro ... cts_id=121 Would a 200mm aftermarket fan fit into the side panel, such as this one. http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/ ... s_id=27499 Or any recommendations on an upgraded fan for the Cosmos S. Looking for more than 700 RPM to help cool my motherboard and dual 6950s CrossfireX.
  4. I ended up not using the rad grill, but still may end up getting one since I'm sure it would make reinstalling the radiator much easier. I just cut open the top. Left the 4 holes for one of the 120/140mm fans, then drilled in two new holes on the other end. So the radiator is held up by 6 screws. The original fan holes that I left have an indentation so I needed to use some washers on the other end to keep it all even. Then I painted it all black. I'm not a good painter, no patience for it sadly. But I figure it is all mostly inside, so I shouldn't do too much harm. Even with my newb skills, I'm happy with the end result (though I missed a few hidden nooks and crannies). I put 6 fans on my radiator. 3 on top and 3 on the bottom. So my radiator with fans on both sides does hang pretty low. In fact mine would hang lower than the top edge of the motherboard. But there was enough gap between the radiator and the side of the case with the motherboard that there was no issue with my Abit IP35 Pro. Unfortunately my new Gigabyte UD3P board has a larger heatsink on the top edge of the motherboard and this was too large for the radiator to hang over. So I had to remove one of the bottom fans from the radiator to make room. There is about 75mm from the top of the case to the top edge of the motherboard. So your 61mm fan, plus 25mm fan might hang over your motherboard a bit. There is about 30mm space between the side of the case on the 120mm fans hanging from my radiator. The motherboard looks about 4 or 5mm raised from the side. So I'm guessing if you don't have any heatsinks or anything larger than 25mm along the top edge of your motherboard, then it should fit. And from the picture above, my radiator with fans on both sides is 90mm (except for the area where I removed one of the bottom fans for the heatsink).
  5. Just curious, did these ever show up in the US? If so, what was the price tag?
  6. Yes, 6 Yate Loon D12SL-12 fans on the radiator (push/pull). And the two Antec Spot Cool fans inside the case. I decided to move the reservoir over to the other side of the case just now. Helps lessen some of the bending and loops a bit.
  7. I decided to go on ahead and paint the inside piece of my Cosmos RC-1000. I installed a Swiftech MCR-320 to the top of the case after cutting open the top to fit it. Then with the 6 fans pushing and pulling air through the radiator and out the top, I wasn't sure if those few vents in the plastic roof was enough, so I cut open a new hole and covered it in black mesh. This top is a temporary solution. This is literally just screen door mesh from Home Depot and some black electrical tape. This is what I plan to modify and put on top. I'll need to trim the edges on one end to fit the tapered shape of the hole. http://www.frozencpu.com/products/6976/ ... g30c95s519 And the inside. Wish I could make the tubing coming off of the graphics card look better without those huge loops. Unfortunately I can only install the barbs on the bottom side.
  8. So if I were to paint the inside of my Cosmos, should I use primer first then paint or or just paint?
  9. Just curious if the side panels for a Cosmos S would fit on the original Cosmos 1000 case? Based on the gallery pictures they appear to be the same shape and size.
  10. COOLER MASTER SC-1000-SSW1-GP http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6811119154 Just saw this on NewEgg. It looks like a Cosmos 1000, but this doesn't have the black plastic front and NewEgg's specs say it's made of steel and aluminum, instead of all steel. By comparison here is the original Cosmos 1000 on NewEgg. COOLER MASTER COSMOS 1000 RC-1000-KSN1-GP http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6811119138 The old RC-1000 is on CoolerMaster's website, but I see no mention of this new SC-1000.
  11. Is it a good or bad idea to use a triple 120mm radiator with the top two 140m vents on the Cosmos 1000? Trying to decide if I can just install a triple 120mm radiator up top or if I'll need to get as dual 120mm radiator for the top and a single 120mm radiator for the side.
  12. Ravynmagi

    Cosmos 1000

    I get that gap too with my 8800. I just push on the back side of the case/PCI area until the graphics card and PCI slot holes line up, then screw it in.
  13. I have the original Cosmos case which I've been extremely pleased with. So I was quite excited to see a new Cosmos coming out. I just finished reading the Hexus.net review on this Cosmos S. I'm rather pleased with the exterior changes. I usually leave the door off my Cosmos, so happy to see the new design removes it all together. An all aluminum interior is great news, as is the reduced weight. And the new top cover over the fans looks pretty nice (no plastic this time). 3 top fans might be excessive, but we don't have to use them all if we don't need to. The interior though I'm puzzled with. It looks like it has been converted into a Stacker. Gone is very convenient side facing drive trays. Probably the best feature of the Cosmos. While there was criticism that this design caused the drives to run warmer, I think the basic design could have been kept and just provided a spot to put a 120mm fan under or infront of the drive trays. Though pulling air through the drive trays also worked when a more powerful fan is used. And removing all the sound proofing is odd. Hexus.net commented this Cosmos has become noiser than most cases. I really don't understand why they tried to turn the Cosmos into a gaming case that sacrifices noise reduction completely for performance when they already have the Stacker series that does this rather well already? I don't think it's a bad case, just seems a little too much like a Stacker now.
  14. I have a question about the warranty status on these contest prizes. RMA page says a receipt is required. I didn't get a receipt or invoice. So I was curious how that would work out?
  15. 77c idle means your stock hsf isn't installed properly. Stock cooling isn't that bad. Make sure the push pins are turned clockwise (lock position) and all 4 are pressed down until you hear the locking click. Stock hsf should be adequate for non overclocking. GeminII is kinda mediocre. You might want to look at the newer Hyper 212. http://www.coolermaster.com/products/pr ... =1&id=3096