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  1. Back from the a job and all that fun stuff. Slight update for the AriaTech project. Here we have 3 cans of Duplicolor paint. First is the Primer in black, second is the midcoat, and last is of course the clear coat to give it that shine and protect the finish. Lots of sandpaper to make everything shiny and smooth. Perhaps its time to break out the dremel...wherever it is...hopefully I didn't misplace it in the move lol! By the way got an upgrade for Vash...bigger HD space!
  2. LoL who has $2500?! Gimme gimme! But yes it's a mATX build, which will be fairly challenging.
  3. BigAl- Yep it's called Project: Ariatech it's still in the planning process though lol.
  4. Ohh nice idea I was thinking about maybe doing half external. I'll definately keep your idea in mind
  5. Hehe the pump and the rad...that's tough one now isn't it?
  6. A t-line would work nicely nicely inside to keep things neat along with less tubes. I'm not really a fan of res'.
  7. I'm probrably going to have to go with Danger Den on the water cooling. 1 1/2" Tygon rocks my world!
  8. Hmm foxconn I'll look into it
  9. Yep I knew that luckily I won't be cutting windows lol. Maybe some drill holes here and there. I wonder if how Antec made the Aria's side panels, that it traps in heat more?
  10. This project will be called AriaTech. Reason why? Well here we have a lovely Aria I will mod so that it will blend into the living room of my future home. I guess you could call it my dream home or something of the like. It will be modern with warm tones. You know..."Contemporary, yet stylish." So, AriaTech is just a play on the word architechture. The AriaTech mod will most likely take some time to do, since this month I will be moving. I'm not sure if I'll have much time to mod, but I'll try to when I get spare time. By posting this thread I'm just letting everyone know that I'm still going to keep modding. It was a promise from me to a friend of mine who kindly gave this to me as a Christmas gift. I do have a few plans already. * The Aria will be a mid-end to high-end gaming rig for LAN's since I plan to attend MML this year. * After LAN's it will be placed in the living room as an HTPC / Gaming computer. * ATI All-In-Wonder 9800 Pro for the video card. * AMD Athlon 64 socket 939. * Corsair XMS in Dual Channel. * Water Cooled either internally or externally. All I have at the moment are pictures of the stock case, since I am still in the stages of planning. Enjoy!
  11. Thanks for the congrats! LoL I'm not really famous come on! I feel happy though that more people are seeing the work I put into the Vash case!
  12. Thanks Grump!!! Woohooo I'm on the main page!!! Heck yay! lol
  13. Thanks for putting me up on your site Grump! And thanks for the congrats Mr. Miyagi!
  14. LoL another picture from me since I just installed a strand of LEDs yesterday.