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  1. hi the could anyone confirm with me of such a similar situation. I'm curently a retailer and sold one PSU unit of RS-A00-ESBA M1000 Modular to a customer, he seems to have the famous cold boot issue. Correspondence from customer his pc configuration is opteron 170/ dfi nf4 sli-dr expert/ 2x1gb gskill ddr/ 400gb + 250gb + 36gb+36gb raid/ 8800gtx2 sli/ dvdrw/ auzen x-fi prelude after today upgrading to a new motherboard + cpu Correspondence from customer: so i as a retailer would like to confirm if older motherboards could cause the cold boot problems for the RS-A00-ESBA M1000 Modular PSU, so that i would be able to troubleshoot future customers in the event of a same incident. or is there any other explanation to the above problems. Thank you very much.
  2. hi there i was wondering is there a universal naming convention for the coolermaster chassis, meaning like for example CM 690 could have a few models: RC-690-KWN1-GP RC-690-KWN2-GP meaning is there a legend to to show what each naming eg. KWN,KSN,KKN and so on means? i would really be thankful if someone could explain me all the meanings of each extension, thank you very very much for all your time and support.