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  1. So..they will be about the £180-£190 mark with VAT in the uk Thats me out of it I think CM need to sell these at cost so they can get the New cases selling and get there name out there with people who have never bought a CM case. Oh well time to mode my 832.
  2. So what price are we looking at? I need to know as I need a new case very soon. And this looks like what I need. thanks
  3. To be honest we were one of the first manufacturers to make aluminum cases. In the beginning it was us and lian li, then dropped the line for X reason. But now we are bringing it back starting with this case. As soon as we get info on msrp ill edit the thread and post it. Yeh I remmber your first ones, they was so cool. Do you know if CM are going for low price and swift lots of units Or going to the other way high price and shift a few units. With the credit crunch the way it is in the UK and USA They will have to think hard on this as theer is only $1.70 to £1.00 at the mow where as2 months ago it was $2.00 to £1.00. It makes a lot of difference when you do the math on shipping and taxs. hope you get a £ price soon so I can order
  4. So you are taking on liam-li well done Lets see what the price will be in the UK this may replace my 832 as I say its the price that will make it or break it. £140 mark would be good
  5. Knud how about you selling it already done for us ??? i would buy the 2 sides and the top one as well
  6. Hi i have a gigabyte P35 DS4,have you turned one the other usb options like legacy usb? is there any other options in your bios for usb? i did have a problem with my sound,but it turned out i did not fully push the plug into teh mobo
  7. i just thought it could be that my place where the cpu is is a bit to the right(if you look at the mobo) take a look.. see the fan on the right of the cooler,that stops the door from closing
  8. james l. where did you mount the 120m fan? as i say if you put it on the thin end of the cooler it may fit BUT the temps will go up. if i leave the fan off then it will fit but the temps go high. any chance of a pic please..
  9. it will and it wont fit.. if you want the 4 fan plastic door left on then NO it wont fit if you dont mind losing the the 4 fan door then it Will the other way around it is to mod the door so it will fit(not a good idea) i have a gigabyte P35 DS4 and its a tight fit... i could move the fan ond put it on the thin side of the cooler but the temps go up,so i left it as it should be.