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  1. I have enabled the following in the BIOS: 1. Cool and quiet enabled : Page 50 in the manual 2. Aperture size 512mb the bios default is 128mb :Page 52 in the manual 3. ACPI support 2.0 enabled: Page 58 in the manual 4. CPU fan speed as reported by the BIOS :Page 60 in the Manual 5. Smart Q-FAN Function disabled :Page 61 in the Manual Rest settings are all factory defaults. And about the fan being noisy i think its my GPU fan not the cooler.
  2. This is the MObo o have ... odelmenu=1
  3. How can i disable the message in BIOS and i want to know is it okay if the RPM of the CPU fan starts at 400 when i power up the CPU, and also the Cooler noise level in the manual it says 19decibals but its almost equal to the noise of OEM fan.
  4. Hey guys , I got this new x dream k640 Cooler,i installed it on my K8N mobo , when i turn on the power switch i get error message in BIOS says 'incorrect CPU fan speed' , i went into the bios and saw the fan speed 400 and increasing slowly, I know the cooler fan is controlled by Thermistor, the fan takes a while to reach the RPM of 1200, I want to know how to fix this issue.