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  1. Dear CM, The new cosmos case is made of steel and aluminum, because of the heavy weight this is a con in practically every cosmos case review on the net (google it). I heard a rumor that coolermaster will release another version of the cosmos which will be made of 100% aluminum. I think coolermaster does a great job by listening to the ppl and they really take action by releasing a version 2 of the cosmos!...reaally great! Wink So for the new (100% Aluminum) cosmos case I would like to see 2 additions/changes: 1) I really want to see a backpanel (SATA and/or PATA) for the hard drive cages in the next version of the cosmos. 2) Next to that a dust filter for the VGA air duct would also be appreciated! The cosmos IS rocking awesome! but if these two things would be added to it then the cosmos (v2) defenitely will be a blockbuster-case! thank you very much in advance cheers! a guy with a cup of chaiâ„¢