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  1. If the 532 is like the 541 I have, yes, the cone is removable and an 80mm fan may be mounted in its place on the sidepanel.
  2. Both of those coolers are listed as supporting socket 754 and 940 processors. Not being an AMD user myself (and thus unfamiliar with the socket retention mechanisms), I can't answer your question for certain, but my guess would be yes, it probably will work.
  3. So then, the listing on the new Cooler Master site is incorrect. Someone should change that asap
  4. Interesting. The Mystique 631 last I checked, is not new. I have a silver one sitting in my house and it is all aluminum. I see what you mean though, about the website saying about an SECC chassis... hope someone at CM can clear this up.
  5. There are some more Notepal products on the Cooler Master CeBIT website. Not sure of their dimensions, however.
  6. This is indeed interesting... I hope its just an error on the website.
  7. Did your cooler come in a pre-built or branded machine? Or did you buy it separately?
  8. zerospace

    hyper 58 issues

    Have you also considered that the temperatures reported by the BIOS on each motherboard differ? Each board manufacturer uses a different algorithm to interpolate or extract a temperature from the CPU sensor... since you have a different CPU (775) and a different motherboard, comparing your new temps to your old is like apples and oranges.
  9. I'd say when the CM parts shop reopens you might check there.
  10. For the speaker wires... look for the speaker pins on your motherboard. This is just the case speaker (provides the POST beep codes). The other audio wires... you need to check to see if your motherboard supports HD audio or the old fashioned Ac'97 audio. Use the appropriate pins on your motherboard to hook up the ones that it supports. In other words--read your motherboard manual to find these. It will be in there.
  11. If I were you, I'd be trying to check my other components as well. Does your SATA drive have a regular molex power plug at all? I agree also, with the statement above about backing up data elsewhere. I have mine stored in multiple places in the event of an HD failure.
  12. Glad to see you got it figured out... but you didn't give anyone a whole lot of time to respond.. had I seen your post sooner, I would have.
  13. You'll always see fluctuations... but 1.26 does seem rather low for the 1.5v.
  14. Ok crapshoot... you have the attention of the moderators here. You come in here, with only a complaint about a logo--not a "hi everyone" friendly introduction, nothing. Just a bunch of slander comes running out of your mouth and you expect us to all greet you with open arms? I think not. Maybe instead of that marketing degree you need one in how to behave with some manners. I honestly do not care if you have a degree in marketing.. I have a degree in something you likely can't even spell let alone know what it is, but I'm not running around here flaunting it either. I also happened to work in marketing for several years. So let's stop the "my d**k is bigger than yours" garbage. It doesn't appear anyone else cares much for it either. I'm not a kid living at home--I'm a self-sufficient adult, as are a lot of the folks replying to you in this thread--thanks so much for asking before assuming. I think lagfest summed this up well: you're trolling. And if you don't watch your step, you'll find this thread locked.
  15. I think everyone before me pretty much said everything I'd want to say on this topic... except one thing... if you don't like it, don't buy it. Simple. Coming over here and trashing it to get your way isn't the slickest method for getting anyone to listen. Ask nicely, and you might get a more amicable response.