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  1. Got my CM Stacker yesterday and now its up and running under full load my xeons r about 10 degrees celsius lower than when i was in my Centurion 4 and mobo is about 8 degrees lower. YAY! Man its definatly one big case! Thanks 4 the help everyone
  2. thanks 4 the help guys....... i leaning heavily towards the stacker case, unless something else comes up.
  3. yeah i really liked my prev case (centurion 4), thats the reason why im lookin at another cooler master product. In my prev case my mobo temp was about 56-58 degrees celsius under full load. I was just wondering if a 80mm exhaust at the top and 80mm at the back of the case (praetorian) will exhaust heat better than having just one 120mm exhaust at the back(centurion 5). In your guys experience do u think adding a 120mm 4-3 Module (intake or exhaust) will help greatly in cooling the case? Thanks for all your help guys
  4. Ill prob be using 2 hdds in my system. Sounds like a good idea Karma Ghost. do u think that idea will work better that the Praetorian Case.... IF hot air rises would it work just as well to have the 4-3 exhaust..... i would like to have more exhaust as well like you said karma ghost...... decisions decisions....... i guess the safe bet is the stacker case...hmmm
  5. i didnt really want to get such a big case(cm-stacker)...... if the 4-3 device idea will work then might look into get centruion 5 (that thing wouldnt look good on a praetorian). I wonder if the 4-3 should be set as intake or exhaust.......hmmm
  6. yeah looks like i might have to go with the stacker.... was hopin to get something smaller....... i wonder if putting a 4 in 3 device in the centurion 5 or praetorian would help in the cooling...... as an intake or exhaust....
  7. My prev case was the coolermaster centurion 4 and it had 1 80mm intake and 1 80mm exhaust. that doesnt keep it cool enuff. If the praetorian had a 120mm exhaust i would get it. not sure how well a 80mm exhaust at the back and top will do in the praetorian. i like the centurion 5 coz it has 120mm exhaust. Would a preatorian have better coolin than a centurion 5?
  8. Hi guys, i need help in choosing a case 4 my dual xeons, so it needs to have good cooling setup/potential. Ive come up with a few choices, tell me what u think and what u'll recommend. 1. Cooler Master Praetorian 2. Cooler Master Centurion 5 3 Lian Li PC-60 and maybe most likely not 4 CM Stacker (too big 4 my needs) Thanks Guys
  9. this 4 the help, i just filled it out.
  10. Hi guys thanks 4 the reply. As Grump said im from Australia, so who should i contact to get a reply?. BTW thanks the help. So i guess ill have to remove the front bezel to replace it.
  11. Its on-board sound, but the thing is when i first got it(was fasinated by it and kept staring at it), it worked perfectly, it just kept on going. After a while the novelty wore off and i didnt really look at it for sometime. Just recently had a look at it again and realise it stopped working. So basically what im saying is i dont think it has to do with on board sound.
  12. Thanks 4 the reply. I just checked it again and it does sorta work. If i play a song for example the dial works 4 the first 10 or so seconds and it slowly dies and stops working.
  13. Help anyone?...... or should i just email tech support.
  14. Im currently having problems with my Centurion 4 Musketeer. The audio dial is no longer working eventho all cables are plugged in and audio is being played on my system. Any help or advice would be much apprecaited.