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  1. Since most motherboards have 4-pin (PWM) fan headers these days, CM should start providing PWM fans with all chassis. Should help sales ( if CM advertises this fact ).
  2. ^ Assuming you are a mod or a tech rep from CM. The three PSUs were bought from a ( reputed ) store in Mumbai, India - where I normally get my stuff. The first was bought at the end of last year, second in April and one on Aug 18. At first I assumed it was a one-off thing but when I got the 2nd and the 3rd, I spoke up at the forum mentioned above. Many others have had the same prob, but surprisingly never spoke up. See the thread mentioned in the OP. Looks like all ( eXtreme Power Plus ) PSUs are being sold with two-pin plugs. btw, the PSUs came in a sealed pack.
  3. I have recently assembled two entry-level computers for friends. I used CM eXtreme Power Plus PSUs for both. The last one was model RS-350-PCAR-I3. Both were marked "EU Type" on the side of the box. I reside in India, btw. The power cable in both cases had only two pins, and a hole where the third (earthing) pin should have been. Aren't these the "wrong" cables to be used in India ? Most PSUs here have a three pin plug. I'm really surprised that CM is marketing these PSUs in India. I could buy a cable, but why should I have to ? Mentioned in a local forum too :
  4. I have a Centurion 534+ Black ( RC 534KWN2-GP ). Recently one of the plastic clip used to secure add-on PCI cards broke. I tried using a screw to secure the card, but could not figure out what screw size to use. I tried 6-32 and M3 which are the most commonly used screws in cabinets. Can someone help ? Thanks.
  5. Uhhh ... I know they are LEDs. What I want is the datasheet/spec for the LED, eg. "3.3V @ 20 mA typical". Most circuits with LEDs normally have a resistor, I don't see one in the CM 534+. Just wondering why. If they fail, or someone wants a different color or something, it will be easier if the specs are known.
  6. Could someone from CM give us the datasheet/specs for the blue LEDs used in the Centurion 534+ ? ( In case they need to be replaced. ) I notice that they use the 5V line from the PSU, and they do not seem to have any resistor in the circuit.
  7. I have a Centurion 534+ Black ( RC 534KWN2-GP ). It does not have a LED fan in the front. Instead it has two blue lights between the cabinet and the front panel. Where can I get a similar light - I would like to install one in the cabinet. Also, if I do install one in the cabinet, would it be possible to have some sort of switch to turn it on and off ? Instructions/specs would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Could you please give me instructions how to mount a HDD into the middle cage. I tried pushing the HDD into the middle cage from inside the cabinet ( ie. pushing towards the front of the cabinet ), would not fit. The HDD won't enter from the front opening meant for floppy drives either. PS : I tried using a old IBM Deskstar HDD, it should not be any different from a newer HDD, right ?
  9. Is it possible / advisable to mount a hard disk in the middle cage ? Then I could only remove the bottom cage. Thanks.
  10. I have a Centurion 534+ Black ( RC 534KWN2-GP ). It has 3 cages, top for optical drives, middle for floppy drive and bottom for hard disks. I do not use floppy drives. Is it possible to remove the middle cage and move the bottom cage to the middle position ? This will reduce the obstruction to the air flow from the front fan. I am aware that if the hard disk is moved up it won't be cooled by the front fan, I don't mind that. Any comments / suggestions welcome. Edit : Image : The lowest cage is held by two screws marked by the red square. There seems to be a screw hole ( marked in yellow ). Is that hole meant to fix the lower cage in the middle position ?
  11. OK, figured it out myself. The plastic shroud does not slide off easily, I thought it was attached to the head sink. Couldn't figure out how.
  12. I'm thinking of getting a Centurion 534+ Black. I can hold off the purchase for a while. Is CM thinking of releasing a new model/version of the Centurion in the next few months ? Thanks. btw : the Centurion 534+ does come with 2 fans ( rear & side ), right ? All the reviews on the net say 1 front fan; the reviews are dated 2006.
  13. I would like to change the fan on the Hyper TX2 to a PWM fan. Please tell me the correct procedure to remove the fitted fan and to fix a new fan on the TX2. Thanks.
  14. I know I can change the fan. Could you please recommend a Cooler Master PWM fan - I can't find any. What is the model number of the 4-pin CM fan used in the original (Intel) Hyper TX ?