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  1. Awesome. Is all i gotta say, i got the 2 thermal probes yesterday, installed them today and everythings working grrrreat. thanks again for the great service! Bert.
  2. Sorry for the delay, but the email has been sent. Bert.
  3. Hi everyone, i have had a coolermaster aquagate for about 1 week now and am liking it so far..but ive had a small problem. when i first opened the box install went smooth, except to the part of installing the temperature probe, i have seem to have lost the temperature sensor probe cable thingy that was included. Now i know for a fact the cable was included as i checked off the items in the box with the items listed in the manual but i cant find the darn thing. Ive been to almost every local computer store asking if they have a temp probe cable, to no avail. so to cut to the chase, how or what would be the best/quickest way as to getting a replacement temp sensor probe? with thanks, Bert. (ps. for people who are wondering how im running my aquagate without the probe cable. i have disconnected the small lcd screen from the aquagate and am monitoring the temperatures via MbM5.)