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  1. I believe I have found a software bug... The numpad as you know has a '0' and '00' button. When I press any key followed by the '00' button, it will retype the first key. Example: I will press the letter 'r' quickly followed by one press of '00'. You will see it adds an extra 'r' afterword. r00r If I were to speculate, the method call responsible for displaying '00' to the screen has a repeatLastLetter method (or something of the sort). And somehow the r is passed into the method and repeats the letter/number. I can't rule out this being a mechanical problem so I may have to request a replacement. Hopefully someone here could find this out. IF it is a software problem I would like to request a firmware upgrade.
  2. Hi George_o/c, have you found out an answer yet?
  3. When the NUMLK button is enabled (so the Up, Down, Left, Right, Ins, Home, etc buttons are enabled) then the Numpad's enter and + key are disabled and do not transmit any signal (so key remapping software wouldn't help). Would I be able to suggest a firmware upgrade that allows at least the return button on the numpad to work while the NUMLK is enabled? I find myself constantly trying to press that enter key all of the time and would be very convenient if it worked.