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  1. Strange...I tried those links with two different computers and two different internet connections and it just loads a CoolerMaster page that is blank. I will try looking up the Hyper TX212 since it sounds to be one of CoolerMasters best coolers.
  2. Do you mean the TX2? The link you gave me doesn't work.
  3. Is the Hyper TX2 the new version of Hyper 6+?? Hyper 6+ has awesome reviews on anandtech, but I cannot find the Hyper 6+ anywhere! So is the Hyper TX2 the new version of the Hyper 6+??
  4. Thats interesting, I've never really observed that detail. So are you saying that the GeminII will fit the Asus nForce 570 Ultra AM2?
  5. On xbitlabs.com, it states the following: "For the GeminII to be correctly installed on Socket AM2/939 mainboards it is necessary that the plastic fastening frame and the holes in the mainboard were parallel to the rear panel of the system case (or to the mainboard’s I/O connectors)." "So, before purchasing the new cooler you should make sure it is compatible with your mainboard." I guess the problem is in the fastening frame, and this is why vertical mounting is the only option on AM2 boards it seems. Does anyone have the GeminII with an AM2 board???
  6. I'm planning on having my two fans connected to the PSU, not the mobo. That way they run at a constant speed at all times and always stay as cool as possible. Long as you have quite fans, it should be fine. I got some 2000rpm fans for the GeminII, but they are quite as you can get for that speed. Maximum cooling and low noise.
  7. Great pics! Where did you get them?? The problem is, after reading a great deal, it's been said the GeminII only mounts vertically on AM2 boards. The only way you can mount it horizontally is if you have an Intel chipset. Cooler Master might have corrected this problem with new mounting plates/screws for the GeminII, but unless that is the case, AM2 chipsets can only be mounted vertically. It might help if I can read about it some on the site you got these pictures from. Mind giving me the link? Thanks a bunch.
  8. I was looking at this Asus nForce 570 but it looks as if the PCI-E is way too close to the CPU and the 8800 GTS would likely get in the way of the GeminII heatsink. Correct me if I'm wrong. Is there anyone out there using a good mobo with the GeminII that could recommend anything??
  9. I need to find a good mobo (OC capable) that will fit the Cooler Master GeminII which I recently bought. I've had difficulty finding a GOOD mobo which will fit the GeminII, without having to pay $130+. Please give me some advice. Components going into this mobo will be: Athlon64 X2 5600 (I want to OC) Nvidia 8800 GTS 640 A-Data 2Gig DDR800 RAM