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  1. I suppose I can buy it from the euro store. But somewhere more local would be best, as I have my doubts as if the cage will actually work or not.
  2. You are correct about newegg and other retailers carrying the 3.25" 4 drive hdd module. But it is NOT compatible with the CM590. The discription notes that as well as a few user testaments from other boards. The one by newegg and other retailers. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6817993002 The one in the CM USA store. http://cmstore.coolermaster-usa.com/pro ... cts_id=124 Both don't work in the CM590. Is there anyway possible ordering this part from CM USA? Either online or over the phone? http://www.coolermaster.nl/shop/product ... cts_id=285 Thanks
  3. I was just asking because another user on another forum brought it up "i think" and when I checked out the coolermaster website there was no mention of it.
  4. kfc

    810/830 Mesh Window

    What is the point of this window? Is it to pull air in? If so does that really work well if the system is full of fans? Seems like the case would have more of a positive airflow than negative. Or is the window just for looks? I'm just wanting to know. Because if I get the case I may mod a window for it. But if that will hurt my performance, I have no problem keeping it stock.
  5. Is this true? If so why? I don’t really care for the 810; the dual 120s in the rear attract me. But the quality of the front bay covers for the 810/820, 830s lack for a cross flow fan and the problems a lot of people are having the Stacker series makes me want to hold off for the next stacker or to get another case altogether.
  6. also... MOLEX CONNECTORS THAT DONT BECOME LOOSE!!! that is my #1
  7. I doubt that that would do anything for the PSU. But what ever. taksan has some good ideas. the more molex connectors the better. and with new vid cards having at least two dedicated 12 volt rails would be nice. also I seen a power supply that had disconnectable power connectors. if you could do that but to have more of them, that would be great!
  8. as far as i know all power supplies have heatsinks
  9. Thermal sensing fans are BAD imo. Normally the sensor never tells the fan to work at 100% speed, so the MO gets hot or the fan runs run at 60% all the time. a power consumption meter sounds like a cool idea. it would be nice if there was some way to use a app on your comp to read the current usage. I currently have a seasonic tornado fan that my LAN received free as a sponsor gift. so far it is way better then the enermax or antec PSUs that I have had in the past. It stays cool, never has hot air blowing out the back and its reliable.