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  1. i can see you've done some nice work on your case! Is there any chance of getting some clearer pictures for the thread?
  2. i'd think about returning the digital camera.
  3. you should be able to tell if your fan is running at about 1500rpm's compared to a standard 80mm running at 2500-3000rpm's just by listening to it.
  4. you will find reviews if you follow the link that Brook3n has posted. The reviews are the links on the LHS of the page bout half way down.
  5. The power supply is neat!! Definately got my eye on that one. Oh... yeah, it should fit fine in the WaveMaster.
  6. No worries, i'm glad to share some ideas with you guys, i'd like to see a pic when you done.
  7. @BroChaos You can check out my WaveMaster window Mod for my 80mm fan in the CoolerMaster Case Mod Competition. Here is the link, mines about half way down, user: Saiyan_Trb ... 4&start=15 DONT USE A 80mm HoleSaw for a 80mm FAN..... the holesaw will border the side of the fan, leaving little room for you screw holes. The perspex will weaken causing the perspex to break @ the screw points when you attach you fan to you window.
  8. i've moded the side of my CoolerMaster Side Panel, and it was really easy if your careful. Heres what you do. Materials: 12-18v Drill 63-68mm Hole Saw with a 1/4 inch drill Mandrel (bout 20 bucks AU) 5/16 inch drill bit (bout 5 bucks AU) masking tape steady hands 80mm CoolerMaster Neon Blue Fan (my choice) A stylish 80mm fan grill. Step one: tape the front and rear of your cm stacker window with masking tape. Step Two: place the 5/16 drill bit on the drill, and slowly drill the pilot hole for the holesaw. Step Three: Replace the 5/16 drill bit with the Holesaw and line up the pilot hole woth the drill, the start drilling really slowly (speed 1 on the drill), eventually the holesaw will push through the perspex. Step Four: Now that you have your hole, place the fan over the top of the hole and use a pencil to mark the four holes for the fan. Then grab the 5/16 drill bit and slowly drill the four holes. Step Five: Now that all the drilling is finished, clean away the the debre and remove the masking tape. Step Six: Screw the fan grill and fan on to the case, make sure it is not to tight or your crack the perspex. Then its all DONE! I hope this is helpfull you can MSN me on if ya want a hand while your cutting the window.
  9. There was a couple of good ones there, but after seeing Grumpy's WaveMaster case mod, it raised the bar abit on my case mod viewing, so i wasn't that impressed with some of those mods.
  10. Saiyan_Trb

    Grump's Wave

    man, thats some good talent there, maybe you should offer your services to the forum community... for fee... a good fee.