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  1. OK im building a new machine and Im wondering how am I suppose to make the thermal sensors stick to where i want , nothings included , no thermal tape whatsoever. What kind of tape can i use , electrical black tape ? Im curently putting it together and need a quick answer, thanks.
  2. Arcey

    CM Stacker Fan

    Thanks but I read that , there no CFM listed thats why I asked for full spec.
  3. Arcey

    CM Stacker Fan

    Would it be possible to get the spec of the 3 fans included with the case. 1 - 120 mm 4-3 module. 2 - 120 mm rear. 3 - 80 mm top. Thx. Oh I just bought my Stacker this week : )
  4. Thx for the quick reply , I will place some phone calls first thing tomorrow morning.
  5. Im still waiting for the reseller here in Canada to get some so I can finally order my Black Stacker , Im hoping before X-Mas.
  6. Hmm enough for us here but there are a lot more I guess that arent on this forum that will buy it too , enough for everyone ?
  7. As long as we can get it before X-Mas here in Canada , I wont freak out too much lol.
  8. Arcey

    CM Stacker question

    Thx a lot , I must have missed this one !
  9. Arcey

    CM Stacker question

    I trying to find the size of the perforated area at the bottom inside the Stacker , anyone got that info ?
  10. Hmm is Bryant on extended vacation lol just wondering : D.
  11. Arcey

    Vibration Help

    About the sound dampening material , would that increase the temperature in a case and does it come with one side stick-on or do you need to glue it to your case ?
  12. Arcey

    Suspended HDD

    Infinity can you provide a link to the "silicone pins" your using to mount PSU and fans please. Will using those pins along with fans and PSU washer really reduce some of the noise ?
  13. Arcey

    CM Stacker question

    The top panel of the stacker is 584 mm deep x 227 mm wide but its not all flat , theres the plastic "thingy" in front. Can anyone take a minute to measure the usable flat area on top of the case , it would be very appreciated.