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  1. One other thing, I can never figure out the sound levels that are provided. On CM website it lists a variable speed, sleeve bearing fan. 1800-3000 rpm with 21Dba - 34 Dba. And yours, I assume, is 2500 rpm with 25Dba? So that extra 500 rpm adds 10Dba? The Frosty Tech review, tested it at 47Dba (1800rpm) - 54Dba (3000rpm), and you now have TWO fans. I would think it would be a little louder than 25 Dba.
  2. What Kind of mobo are you using? I have a MSI NEO2 Platinum, and it's a pretty tight fit. I'd love to see a pic that shows the clearance around the heatsink.
  3. Red_Dawg

    HTPC style

    Call comp-u-plus in WA state. They bought quite a few of the last ATC-610 cases. Feather light aluminum looks like the 620. and you should be able to buy it for under 120 bucks. like Grump said use an nonstock fan. Just an opinion here, but the ATC-600-vx is butt ugly. Never even heard of it, and I wish I hadn't.
  4. Thermaltake makes me sick. I have watch for years as the blatenly copied Cooler Master. The blower fans other things. but this is just wrong. Not only did Cooler Master invent the aluminum case, they blew us away with the WaveMaster. TT has no shame. ... sunami.htm
  5. yes Logic7, you can. Supercom Canada will have this with them at the SuperCreative road show. When: Tuesday, May 4, 2004 TORONTO Where: Holiday Inn (Woodbine/Steeles) 7095 Woodbine Avenue Markham, ON L3R 1A3 tel: (905) 474-0444 Also look for a new gaming PC featuring a CM chassis.
  6. Red_Dawg

    Cool Drive 3

    More functions would be great. The cool drive 4 has the four fan controllers, but data rate would be sweet. You guys should sell the front panel I/O of the stacker. that with the digital fan control would be my dream.
  7. What kind of performance would you get if you did not run the fan? just the pump. also Will you be able to purchase extra water block for dual CPU?
  8. Hey here's an idea. why don't you clean your house? High tech PC's but can't operate a sweeper? JOKE. but really I don't have that problem.
  9. It's hard for me to mess with such a beautiful stock case.( wavemaster with side window) I'll concentrate on making it faster.
  10. it's most likely because the DI4-8KD3-OL pushes more air. 32CFM VS 10.9-20 CFM on the Aero. Want to upgrade? try the new vortex dream. 37 CFM at 21db. 41 CFM at full speed. ( according to CM specs)