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  1. HAF actually doesn't brute force it, its large and slow fans for high airflow and low noise, brute force would be big fans and fast fans. Antec P18x is an over-rated chassis especially for hot components.
  2. uncontrolled airflow? Care to elaborate?
  3. Those will fit in the HAF-932 too right?
  4. If a Yate Loon Low speed @5V is enough to keep 4 drives adequately cooled there is no problem
  5. CM will have black 230mm too right? I actually want to get rid of my front red LED fan
  6. expected to be £185 according to Bit-tech
  7. what about a spare black 230mm? Not a big fan of LED err.. fans here
  8. ... assis.html Looks awesome, any more info, price and pics?
  9. I seriously doubt you can find any air cooler that would not fit in the RC-932, its wider than a standard case.
  10. :) no, I'm most likely going to snip the LEDs off the front ones
  11. Damn, anyone know of UK stockists? Ebuyer and Specialtech list them, but no stock
  12. well if they do, I would like 25mm thick fan rather than 15mm. I've covered mine up on my CM690
  13. from what I can see they are all 3pin but ship with pass through molex adaptors as well (just like the CM690) ... 8_p5_5.jpg ... 8_p5_1.jpg ... 8_p5_6.jpg
  14. LuckyNV

    CM Sniper Prototype

    I'm guessing a huge top fan? Why does Coolermaster keep having compatibility for 90/80mm fans?
  15. Ebuyer have listed for pre-order in UK £110