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  1. ok guys after not getting much information about changing the LEDS on the Front I/O panel of CM Storm Stryker here, I was searching the Internet and finally got some information for this mod. Parts List: [4x] 3mm Round top Clear Leds [Forward Voltage 3.0-3.4V] 20mA I used white [3X] 0805 SMD LEDS [Forward Voltage 3.0-3.2V] 20mA I used white it was a pain to change some of the leds had to do some minor repairs to the PCB but its all good now,I also had to remove some of the light filters on the Top Panel to get the Leds to be bright as possible, Hope this helps someone.check out pic
  2. hello guys, I am the proud owner of CM storm Stryker, this is my first time i am going to be doing water cooling,I am planning a CPU only loop, I have decided to buy a water cooling kit from XSPC "" I was wondering if that radiator would Fit on top of the Stryker and if not maybe you guys can suggest a MOD to get it to fit.Thanks in Advance.
  3. guys anyone have this info, to provide me some assistants?
  4. Hello guys, I am trying to find out if these casters link: can work on my CM Storm Stryker, my other concern is if the casters can be installed with the PSU at the bottom of the case.Thanks in advance.
  5. hello guys, I am a proud owner of the CM storm stryker,I really love this case,However i would like mod this case abit, I was thinking about changing the Leds in the i/o panel from red to White, I will like to change all of them, I noticed that there are three SMD leds in the panel, anyone did this mod before, can you guys give me the specs of the leds that i would need,and maybe where i can purchase them online?Thanks in advance.