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  1. i was thinking to buy this case but i have 3 HDD is there any way i can fit one more HDD in case? wanted to buy this for better airflow so that it keeps my GPU cool coming from CM690III
  2. Sorry if its not correct sections i was not able to find the correct section for my topic i have RGB Fans and RGB Led Controller The Fans are connected to the motherboard with PWM mode i think and the led headers are connected with the Cooler master LED controller but what i want to ask is if fans work at lower RPM the fans led are too DIM ?? why is That? i thought they are powered by led controllers for the LED saperately? Asus Maximus VII Ranger Motherboard and Cooler Master LED controllers IS connected with the USB on the motherboard header and is powered by SATA so it should power the LED of fans? even when the fans are stopped correct me if i am wrong? are other LED fans and LED boards works same? led Brightness work according to the Fan RPM?
  3. Well I have Managed To Install The Coolermaster Master Air 8 CPU Cooler In CM 690 III Its perfectly installed in my CM 690 III as i was worried that it wont fit becouse cooler is big 172mm and on CM site it was given that CM 690III supports max of 171MM height CPU cooler But its fit even there is still more gap after closing the side panel like was using H100I previously now i got this monster and i am really impressed really... My I5 4670K Overclocked @4.4Ghz and max Temp after running prime 95 for 10 Min it wont exceed 60'C and my ambient Temp are 35'C+ i am from India Newdelhi and its summer time very hot and humid Here Are the Pictures
  4. UPDATE:-It works for me check some post below I was thinking to buy this CPU cooler will it fit in it? If any one here is using it can you please post some photos. I was searching on google but no luck.
  5. I was thinking to buy this case. i know that the Corsair h100i will fit on front but will the pipe of h100i will reach to cpu?