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  1. thx for the fast answer so i thin i will choos these PSU because of the good A for the GPU 12v rails hd2900xt need much power feichti
  2. hi i would like to know an wich 12V rails which device is connced. +12V 1: 18A IDE/SATA HDDs, CDROM, FDD, +12V 2: 18A CPU 24 PIN + 4 PIN 12v + 8 PIN 12v +12V 3: 28A 8 PIN PCIe +12V 4: 28A 8 PIN PCIe +12V 5: 18A 6 PIN PCIe +12V 6: 18A 6 PIN PCIe because i plan to do install 2 HD2900xt in Crossfire mode. Wich 12v Rails is four the CPU/GPU/HDDs and other Devices greeds Feichti