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  1. Maybe my English isn't clear, sorry. Grill under HDD rails is too small to use fan. Need to make it bigger. I think dimension of PC case already down in the CM company. My last version to use additional fan I think easier to make and easy to install or change additional fan. In that way can be more space for fan, and can use nice fan grill. I showed my suggestions, and I don’t know which changes Cooler Master will make. But I hope CM will make perfect PC case. It is not dangerous. No electricity on two metals without electrolyte. Every material has good and bad properties. Usually this is a question of money and taste. 80mm fan’s airflow can be enough for 6 HDD, but better use here a 120mm fan for dimensions of HDD racks and the noise. I prefer to use 120mm fans on PC cases. I know to make decisions for CM is very hard, but I hope they make feedback about it.
  2. I see 3 possibilities: a) 1- change all rivet to the screw 2 – make intake grill bigger Then fan can be put from top - Make a hole on vertical part of HDD bay from existing intake fan side - Make intake grill bigger Fan can be put from side of existing intake fan (for this need remove and put back this one). c) Make a hole on bottom side of PC case. Fan can be put from bottom side. Can be use nice fan grill I don’t know dimensions of existing place, but can be used standard 25mm high fan or 15mm high Zalman ZM-OP1 fan, or what ever. Of course need to make rubber fixing possibility for fan.
  3. I try to make suggestion for aluminium door and aluminium top side and use window. Dark part is anodized brushed aluminium. With full transparent window: With dark window: For me dark window is better.
  4. Yuo have right. I asked it also from Ron on private message last week, but he didn’t answer. I hope door and top side of PC case will be aluminium also. But I prefer two colour PC case like on images. Dark part of PC case can be anodized aluminium and engrave a Cooler Master logo on it. I don’t like “Cosmos†logo. I want to buy PC case also, and the Stacker 832 was best for me, but it is too "open", and I want to make silent PC. Cosmos can be best for me now, but with changes.
  5. Ron: OK Your link is little bit old one This is CeBIT version of Cosmos, and this vas a pre-production sample. The Computex 2007 version look's like more better with some changes. Link for this I writed above already. This is newer (T2) engineering samples of the Cosmos chassis. My first profession is engineer. I know you have more then month to product pc case, and the end of august is near. (I read all news about this case allready) I want to help for Cooler Master, because this company is open for changes, and has good contact persons.
  6. Look's like side panel is full: I think need to buy additional windows panel. Maybe can make two version of case I think side panel with window is not full transparent. I think full transparent side panel made for Computex only. This side window is much more better: We are waiting an answer of knud // elessar. Respect for his forum's work also.
  7. Thank you for your information. What is "next generation" mean? End of august maybe? I want to buy this case, because I like to build nice silent PC, and this changes important for me also. I plan to use on LAN Party also, with side window of course.
  8. I copied my prior post to this topic, because it has to be here Cosmos case look's like very nice, but for top panel missing a cover (I mean for connectors). It can be protect from dust. Before: After: Maybe can be black or aluminium also. It can be "push-open" or „pull-backâ€
  9. I’m afraid I have not enough images to view all part of cases, but I found a new (for me) image. Cooling of HDD looks better, but that way we can’t use last 5.25 in drive position. Maybe can be some possibility to use fan in this position (or under HDD-s like I told earlier). On image we can see the air filter for intake fan (also) is missing on bottom side of PC case. Plastic or rubber abrasion protection between the floor and the PC case’s aluminium leg. It help protect floor and PC case, and also reducing some noise. Make a hole on tube and put bung into maybe. Silver color bung is better. I think this abrasion protection for holes look’s good: Adhesive Lined Grommet Edging Polyethylene – Solid Wall
  10. Will be fine air filter on all intake halls on PC case. Can I ask a feedback from PM or HQ about decision? Or is it too early? When coming the Cosmos case in Europe?
  11. Only small changes: 1) Screwless bolt using on HDD side 2) Not use too much logos please - Maybe no, because enough holes on PC case for air - Maybe can make some door for FAN on bottom side of PC case. Position 1 is not enough good for cooling ( I think).3) Plastic cable protection maybe can use for big holes on motherboard backpanel also 4) I writed earlier, but I make a link for it: Cosmos top panel cover. This cover can be "push open" or sliding.
  12. I have more suggestions for Cosmos case: a) Has one bottom intake fan a filter? Because will be fine use it. One intake fan and three exhausts – didn’t make this noise for intake fan? c) Two fans on the top aren't close enough together to attach a 2x120mm radiator for water-cooling. That way can be easy use radiator between top fan and PC case. d) Holes on motherboard back panel for use a cable management 1 – Two holes for motherboard and graphics card power (ok I see on the other image top hole already down) Middle hole maybe can be horizontal, because different size of motherboards). 2 – Need make some cable fixing holes on motherboard’s panel (like on 5.25 in drive bays). 3- Make some issue to cross vertical beam on bottom side. e) No possibility to use additional fan for HDD (I think cooling isn't enough for 6 HDD now). My opinion is position 2, but for this need make removable bottom side of HDD rail. f) Plastic cable protection on holes.
  13. Good to make "push open" door for it, I think
  14. Cosmos case look's like very nice, but for top panel missing a cover (I mean for connectors). It can be protect from dust. Before: After: Maybe can be black or aluminium also.