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  1. haha.. u also arrived here already. good2.
  2. The design more or less like CM ATCS932.
  3. LOL. send to eservice@coolermaster.com.tw. not webmaster. webmaster handles the website. not the technical support.
  4. yep. even better, please check the case condition 1st before u took back home. but if u ordered it online, different case already~
  5. @coolmiester, after u finish all ur artwork, what did u do with ur casings? sell it, or just keep it as a self-souvenier?
  6. Wow! new product from CM? 100W PSU? hehe. JK.
  7. can anybody show me a perfect cable management for Cosmos 1000. i couldnt find any.
  8. what type of monitoring? temp? if temp, go for Everest ultimate.
  9. wow. not bad at all. but i wonder is there anybody out there know how to do nice cable management. is hard for me to do some cable management on my cosmos. perhaps someone could enlighten me. im sick of high temp in my cosmos. btw, the idea taking out the HDD cage and place it with fan was a brialliant idea! i wanna do it!
  10. ffffff..!!!! damn gorgeous!!!!
  11. everest ultimate will do. look for the software.
  12. i've showed this page to my modding friends back in malaysia. they said that this case looks great. very elegant and exquisite. congratulations coolmiester Edit: but if u polish the interior into shining alu, it looks even more great and amazing rather than red color because it looks cheap. but this is just my opinion. no offence..
  13. not 'terminal paster', but thermal paste like maxession said. u can read it here aout thermal paste/thermal grease. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermal_grease