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  1. Starboykb

    Any Videos of Cooler Master chassis?

    i was wondering how would you like us to video it? music on the background? i am a bit confuse
  2. Starboykb

    Gemini II compatibility

    are you going to used any third party cooling for ram slot? if not the heat sink will work fine. the only problem I faced so far is replacing the fan is a bit hard for medium size chassis.
  3. Starboykb

    Nvidia Guy Checking Out HAF

    the card is too late for the competition and we will see a price drop soon for ATI next month. it just a question how many of us really could afford such card. the GTX295 wont be selling very well since their next card is just another few months. i think many might just prefer waiting for new one and faster instead.
  4. Starboykb

    Nvidia Guy Checking Out HAF

    that bastxxd....
  5. Starboykb

    Coolermaster Black Cosmos Special Edition

    Nice black. how much does it cost in malaysia?
  6. Starboykb

    COSMOS Official Forum - Performance Meets Silence

    I never change any of them for intake for the top. i simply doesnt want to grab the hot air coming from the rear back in again..
  7. Starboykb

    Coolermaster Black Cosmos Special Edition

    it seems like it is Cosmos 1000!!! Not sure if there are any changes on the material . Picture grab from Tweaktown
  8. Starboykb

    Cosmos 1000 ,no motherboard speaker connector ?

    i didnt actually spot that one. i will check that later after my card arrived.
  9. Starboykb

    HYPER 212 DELUXE Edition " All Copper "

    oh man, copper version. im sure it going to be very heavy.
  10. Starboykb

    Coolermaster Black Cosmos Special Edition

    You are going to see the full pic on 11th december. I am guessing Cosmos 1000 + S.
  11. Starboykb

    Cosmos S panel on a Cosmos 1000?

    I just notice CMstore can ship internationally. I simply love you guys!
  12. Starboykb

    ATCS 840 Official Thread

    You got the link. i would like to learn more about that Cooling method.
  13. Starboykb

    CM Sniper Prototype

    I just check out today the new Sniper case. Look goods I have to say with the built in fans control, but I dont really like the idea having PCI tool less bracket as they easily get broken in the future. I also know the ventilation of the chassis is important but I think the addition changes CM should include dust filter for both the front and the side. Cleaning the chassis is easy but cleaning the hardware waste too much time.
  14. Starboykb

    how can a cooler destroy a computer

    oil coming from the fan? that was the weirdest problem i ever seen. probably an error comes from the factory. losing a gpu card is the worst without warranty.