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  1. iron_gr

    CM 690

    Bought this case. It's nice, a little more noisy, I expected it more silent. It has a production error! The ground cable of the IEEE 1394 above the I/O panel is not grounded! It is with the screw that holds the i/o panel in place. I took it from there and grounded myself straight on case. If you can pass it to the guys that put it together, would be nice.
  2. iron_gr

    Chassis Prices

    Aha, ic! Thx for the reply, but this is not an expensive shop and this price has no shipping costs, it's for a purchase from the shop itself. But as you say, Belgium has the same euro prices, so it's a EU problem! You can see that it's a huge difference (USA vs EU) and the prices should remain low in € as well. I just don't get it why it has to be $=€
  3. iron_gr

    Chassis Prices

    I noticed HUGE difference between USA and Europe (Greece) WHY is that?? Cosmos Case: ... R%2bCOSMOS 200$=140€ ... ct=1011634 249€
  4. The Cosmos will soon to hit a retail store or online store near you! Is there any release date for Europe? I want to buy CM832, but maybe I can wait a while...