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  1. countzero

    AquaGate Review @

    Another first review in a single day...the gods smile on me (about time!) Seems like a very good unit, though going by this quote I would have liked the option of ramping the fan myself, rather than being stuck with low/med/high settings. I do love the water block....very cool looking This did catch my eye however... Going by that statement it sounds like the bottle contains 3M Fluorinert PF5080, an inert perflurocarbon coolant used in supercomputers andd is electrically non-conductive and has a much lower freezing point (-180C) (info from a review of an Amari system)....or at least something similar...can anyone at Coolermaster confirm this statement? Again, a small niggle with this review...although of a more serious nature than heatsink vibration All in all....VERY IMPRESSIVE
  2. countzero

    Hyper 6 Review @ Frosty Tech

    Well it looks like the Hyper 6 kicks :) when faced with heat, but it's noise output leaves a lot to be desired...silent it ain't I think CM should have a look at this paragraph from the review and take it onboard, it wouldn't take much to make it a bit quiter (or just mod it yourself) Price is still as yet unknown.
  3. countzero

    Hyper 6 Review @ Frosty Tech

    Not managed to read all of it yet, but they appear to have taken it apart to show how it ticks and benchmarked it. ... cleID=1568
  4. countzero

    Hyper 6 + transparent/golden fan

    Now that looks much better Maybe lose the sticker off the side? heh
  5. countzero

    Fighter Pilot Switches

    You have to admit, these are pretty cool! [moderator edit] Sorry, countzero, the images were removed because of copyright issues. The mnpctech site has this at the bottom of their home page: "All site content is copyright © 2004. No information is to be reproduced without prior permission." Please do not hot link images or other content from websites without their permission. The images you posted can still be viewed by visiting the link to their website that you posted above. Grump [/edit]
  6. countzero

    Revoltec Cool Flashing USB Cable

    I like the blue one, not sure about the flashing (I'm hungover from a Stag party *groan*)
  7. countzero

    Cool Copper RAM Sinks

    :) yeah!
  8. countzero

    Hyper 6 -- Yeah .. Its Really A Hyper Stuff

    Or just buy it seperately Like this 80mm, ... ns_99.html
  9. countzero

    Hyper 6 -- Yeah .. Its Really A Hyper Stuff

    Hyper 6 - The kind of heatsink you want a small spotlight shining onto, just to show off all that lovely copper goodness. Does it really need a fan bolted onto the side...would kind of ruin the look of it..hmmm...Aluminium fan bolted to the were cooking with gas
  10. countzero

    Dual Storm Case Fan

    I'm not too sure on this one, I think the Hyper 6 looks a lot better. This one looks a bit cheap and plasticky...not to my taste really. I'd still be interested in seeing how it performs with the duel fans, sounds a bit like the compressors in a modern jet engine. Hopefully you can run it at low RPMs and still achieve decent cooling.
  11. countzero

    How do you think about Blue WaveMaster ?

    It's alright, nice finish but can you imagine what would happen if you scratched that automotive paintwork...ouch
  12. countzero

    Show Us Your Cases!

    Who makes the fans and fan controller on that machine?
  13. countzero

    Air Filter for Wavemaster

    Grease filters, Ventilation Baffles