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  1. I have a Stacker 830 Evo case that I just recently purchased. I'm very happy with the case and have been looking forward to owning one for some time now. From what I've noticed so far, these are a few things I'd like to see: (+) Include two plastic port covers/protectors for the top 2 USB ports in order to keep dust and debris from clogging them up when they are not in use. (+) A sound dampening kit with pieces of the acustic material pre-cut to fit the inside of the case. The user could then further cut these, if necessary, to meet their individual needs depending on their setup. (+) An easy way to remove the top of the case. Currently it is held down with rivets. Make it so that it could be slid off like the side panels. It wouldn't need to be quick release - being held in place by several screws would be fine. Just so that we could have access to removing it. (+) I'd like to see all the rivet connections go away. Or at least most of them. Replace them with screws wherever possible. There's no reason why the PSU rails and braces, etc. shouldn't be screw removable. (+) More holes for routing wires and water-cooling lines. Some pre-drilled holes for tubing on the rear plate next to the PCI slots would be appreciated. Seeing how that entire plate is already removable, it could be offered as an accessory. I am still in the process of building the system and haven't gotten to installing the cards yet, but from reading the forums it seems like this is the same plate that is causing the problems with the PCI cards not fitting correctly. This might be something to consider if users are going to need to replace this plate anyways. (+) On the "indent' where the bottom three 5-1/4" bays are, the vertical support which separates the mounting points for the drive bays from the rest of the case; it would be nice to have 2 pre-drilled holes for water tubes and/or wiring on both sides of the case as this is a great spot to mount a small reservoir. (+) As mentioned in a previous post, some cutouts for wiring on the motherboard tray. (+) One final thing: It would be nice to have some pre-drilled holes in the floor of the case for the mounting of water pumps and other accessories. Again, all-in-all this is already a great case and I'm very happy with it. These are just a few suggestions I'd like to seen available.