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  1. Hi there... It have been tested by me and my friend that with aquagate we have oc the quad-core to +-40% from the original and maintain a stable system and temp. Any more than that, then you can kiss your processor goodbye. bomberman00
  2. No i didn't change anything to the aquagate. no mods done execpt to the AM2 processor cpu block ( there are none so i use the amd cpu cooler holder to hold the water block in place ) [/img]
  3. I have an Aquagate ALC-U01 liquid cooling system. When I first install this system it was working fine. (Even with some Mc Gyver mods - AM2 cpu) . When I get an Aquagate Viva to fix to my videocard, the Aquagate started having problem. 1. The system will start but no led display 2. The small pcb board with the conector started having ckicking sound. 3. The Aquagate pump is working but that is all 4. Intermitten start. (Have to disable the power conector one time or another) I hope i can get some help on this... Thanks