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  1. I saw this case at Computex last week, it appears CM made modification to the Stacker 830 to fit PC Power and Cooling 1KW PSU. So can anyone confirm that this is true???? Well, ATI had one that fit. Check out the two pictures at the bottom of this page: http://enthusiast.hardocp.com/article.html?art=MTA3OSwsLGhlbnRodXNpYXN0
  2. I saw this case at Computex last week, it appears CM made modification to the Stacker 830 to fit PC Power and Cooling 1KW PSU.
  3. Looks like neither case is available for sale right now, where did you get them?
  4. Hmm... I guess we can have window panel after all? So, where to buy one? The case is obviously on sale now.
  5. ATC-110's side window is also compatible with ATC-101, but that case is even more rare. You may want to try getting it custom modded by places like these: http://www.smooth-creations.com/
  6. Only 20 more days to go, can't wait to see the 830 in person!
  7. There are two +12V rails (+12V1 & +12V2) on the Real Power 450. With continuous output total of 264W, which equals to 22A. Here is the spec from the product page:
  8. The Real Power 450 actually has a total of 22A on +12V rail, not 18A. The rig should have worked fine, I think you may just have a defective unit.
  9. Personally I would go with the 810. For me, I can compensate for missing the ability to house two PSU by getting one powerful unit. I cannot as easily get the cooling that 2 x 120mm fan can provide in the STC-T01. Just look around, there are now plenty of cases with one 120mm rear fan, but almost none that has 2 x 120mm fan!
  10. Just upgrade to Real Power 550...
  11. I think this issue has been discussed too many times already. I don't understand why all these people find the time to constantly beg for older cases to be re-released when the new ones are better. The numbers prove that newer cases are more successful and this is what keeps Cooler Master afloat and in position to release more great products. If you really love Cooler Master then shouldn't you be supporting their decision to drop ATC cases?
  12. If Cooler Master can get a very high efficiency power supply, they can probably turn it into a fanless design with some heatpipes or copper work. Cooler Master is the king of coolers so show us what you can do with cooling a power supply passively!
  13. 220VX

    Real power 550

    I think Cooler Master should modify this PSU for two dedicated PCI-E connectors and submit it to NVIDIA for SLI certification. It woud really make us feel a lot better to have a PSU that was certified to work with SLI.
  14. Vibrating panels seem to be a common problem with most all aluminum cases. I know through some fine tuning of either tightening or loosening, the effect can be reduced. But does CM have any plans to improve on this area? Perhaps adding foam strips at key contact points in the case like what Lian-Li did for their PC-V1100 cases?
  15. Stacker is one of the best cases out there for the Tyan K8WE. Make sure you also get a beefy power supply (or two) to go with it.