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  1. Strange that all the boards with this problem seem to be made by Asus...
  2. The guy he purchased it off is responsible for warranty issues, this is law in Australia. Push them hard if they refuse as they are breaking the trade practices act (ACCC stuff) Richard
  3. I just ran into this problem with my system, spins up for less than a second, then nothing, the system standby LED on the MB remains on. System ASUS KFN32-D SLI 2x2216 4GB RAM Powersupply RS850-EMBA AU type NO PLUS 80 Sticker Disconnected all drives, still no go. Is it the Power supply? Richard
  4. The fan that came on my second 4in3 (not the one that came with the case) has a black fan, I was just trying to obtain a consistent look. I was expecting the second 4in3 module to be the same as the one installed in the case. On another note, I was curious why the rear case fan on the 830 only comes with a drive connector and not an RPM monitoring MB connector, as modern MBs are awash with Fan headers? Richard
  5. Does someone know where I can get this fan or equivalent, so I can match it to a second 4in3 module that has an ordinary black fan? thanks in advance Richard
  6. Yes, the transparent fan bracket. No, from Australia Is this a warranty issue, as it shouldn't break so readily?
  7. I am not happy. Today one of the acrylic clips that hold the fan bracket closed broke as I squeezed it to open the door. I have only had the case a week, and it could only have been opened 6 times tops. The top catch is tight, but is should last more than a week So to other 830 owners be warned and take it very gently, even then that might not be enough. I think it should be reinforced, or made of a different material as acrylic is brittle by nature. Anyone know how I could repair it, as nearly all glues don't work on acrylic, and the break is right across where it bends. Richard
  8. I too would like an answer to this question, since I just purchased the case. I didn't even bother to check if it had an internal speaker, as it is not something one normally thinks it won't have....