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  1. Ok, final situation: Saturday I got a 12cm fan (12v so I can use with my PSU), opened a hole in the chassis and placed it right above the CPU/RAM/chipset/AGP area. It´s a fan to be used in those casemods, so it got green lights, etc... I really don´t care about that, but the fact is that the temperature now really got low. The CPU is at 39ºC at idle BUT the max temperature goes only to 50ºC even after playing Doom3 for a while. For the MOBO the results are also excelent: the sys temp went down from 32ºC to 24ºC while idle and the max is at 32ºC while playing the same game. So my problem was the case air flow for sure. Even with 2 small fans (1 at the front, 1 in the rear) they weren´t enough to keep a good air flow inside the case. Another thing that I noticed is that this big fan blowing air directly over the MOBO seems to helps A LOT to keep things cooler like the RAM and the chipset.
  2. Follow the link: http://www.coolermaster.com/index.php?L ... le=PTK-001
  3. I got a new MB and CPU. The processor is a P4 3 GHz HT and when I first installed the system with the intel´s cooler the temperature was at 51ºC with the Windows XP on idle. I tought it was a little high, so I got an Aero 4 Lite and a Premium Thermal Compound. After putting both in place the temperature, under the same situation (windows XP idle, not running anything) went down to 41ºC. However, when I run a heavy game, like Doom 3, the temperature goes up to 59º/60ºC. The question: is that temperature ok for a 3 gig HT? Should I worry about it or it´s ok? I just don´t wanna burn my new CPU, and I´m trying to find the Aero 4, which got a copper heat sink, if you say the temperature should be lower.