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  1. Who do I RMA this to? I've had it six months, is it still to retailer or do I have to go through coolermaster?
  2. You sure its that? Its a buzz that is similar to the one you would hear near an electricity sub station or high voltage cables. In my experience most fans made a whirring, grinding or in worst case squeaking noises.
  3. Ok, my system has now been running for about 48 hours. Was playing Football Manager 2008, and the buzz has started again. I have allowed my system to sit idle for about 40 minutes now to allow it too cool and reduce power draw but the buzzing is still persisting. Any ideas as to what it could be and if I am at risk of doing damage to any of my components?
  4. I run Prime95 for an hour last night using the torture test to create heat and power usage. All I got was the fan spinning up but the buzzing was absent, I will try leaving the system on for a few days now to see if that causes the buzzing to return.
  5. Nothing to power draining. Abit kv8 with AMD 3000+ 1gb ddr400 crucial value Geforce 6600 Compro T200 tv card Creative X-fi music Edimax wireless lan WD 500gb sata drive IDE dvd writer The buzzing had been constant for 3 days but when I booted up today it stopped after a few seconds and hasn't came back yet. I'll post the voltage readings from everest too. Voltage Values CPU Core 1.46 V +3.3 V 3.30 V +5 V 5.05 V +12 V 12.26 V +5 V Standby 5.02 V DIMM 2.57 V DIMM VTT 1.31 V AGP VDDQ 1.56 V
  6. I have an iGreen 430w which when first purchased made a buzzing noise occasionally, it isn't fan noise as it sounds like an electrical buzzing. My system is stable and the voltage readings I get in the BIOS and Everest are both good but recently the buzzing has stopped being intermittent and is now almost a permanent feature that can be heard over the rest of my system. I have done a little reading around, some say its going to blow up and take out the system, others say its 'normal' for some supplies to do it. I am looking for some clarification on whether my iGreen is needing RMA'd again (first one I had wouldn't boot).
  7. Hi, this is my first post and like most newbies i'm here cause i need some help. Just bought an IGreen 430w psu, plugged into my system and the red mainboard led came to indicate that it was receiving power but the system won't switch on, after several rebuilds and trying with almost everything except cpu and memory removed no joy. Plugged the psu into my son's system and it worked fine, so dug out an old 350watt psu from a budget case plugged it into my system and my system worked ok as well . Read about the -5v issue so flashed to latest bios, no help. My system specs - Abit KN8sli, 2gb corsair xms ddr, xfx geforce 7800gt, maxtor 250gb ide drive, nec dvd/rw. I,m currently using the budget 350 psu to allow me to use my system for email and internet, obviously no gaming, also my son's system also has an Abit KV8 motherboard in it which also uses -5v, but the psu worked fine on it, very confused. Sorry for the long winded question but would welcome any ideas, have mailed coolermaster but it's the weekend so don't expect to hear from them soon