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  1. Slightly annoying problem. I bought my computer 5 months ago. It included: Coolermaster Stacker 830 Evolution Silver with Black Mesh w/o PSU Super-Hi End 850W Coolermaster Real Power Pro RS-850-EMBA 85% Eff' ATX12V V2.2 SSI EPS12V v2.91 4xPCI-E/8xSATA The day after I built the system, the computer stopped functioning. On returning the gear it was put to a blown PSU, which also took the video card with it (768Mb Asus 8800GTX V2 PCI-E (x16). Two weeks ago, the same problem occurred. This time, only the PSU was deemed faulty. The computer had been running perfectly for five months. I do not overclock the computer in any way. The machine failed to power up having worked fine the day before. Suffice to say I am slightly annoyed that the same problem has occurred twice to the same component. Does anyone know of any faults or incompatibilities with these products? Thanks!
  2. Hi there, As i understand it the case doesn't have an internal speaker. Has anyone had any problemsposting motherboards that don't have a speaker on the board? ie. don't hear system beeps/errors. Is it possible to install an internal speaker into the case? Thanks!