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    idk didnt try lol. i have 2 haf 912s and a Storm Trooper. idk if it would have fit in the 912s but it would have in the trooper.
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    here are some pictures of the whole process. Nice and Snug CM 850 hybrid pro in. buttoning up a few things ready for a heart transplant. well... a couple hearts all wires tucked in simple front bezel. what wires on the mobo? single file sata. only could have the 24 pin sleeved. it is very cramped in this area. tpc 812s ready to go. how it will look once they are installed. so i have a problem, one of the heatsinks blocks the first pci-e. can I put my gpus in any lane? I will have 2 in cf. Im not really worried about a x8 bottle neck so i should be able to put them in any configuration right? getting the gpus in. and a little mock up again of the cpu heatsinks. added the cooler master psu drive bay controller. and a nice panel to hide the wires. Heatsinks removed. took some metal off another case i am modding and made some more panels to cover up wires. 2 HD 6870s. i need to upgrade these. this ram does work together. but the kingston is just a place holder. all ready for cpus and an os cpus are in. everything is running very nice. runs VERY cool so i can keep the fans around 1000rpm these TPC 812s really take the heat away. more finalized pics to come. with the new gpu in. and ssd for games
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    I am almost finished with my mod, but i guess I would like to share it with you guys. Hardware: Lian Li v1200 Plus II Asus Z9PE-D8 Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2650 Kingston Hyperx 1600 4x2gb Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer Blue/Orange 1600 4x2gb MSI Radeon HD 7870 Hawk Edition 64gb Crucial M4 - OS 120gb Kingston Hyperx 3k - Games 1tb Samsung F3 - Applications 1tb Samsung F3 - Backup 1tb Seagate Barricuda - Storage 1tb Western Digital RE - Backup 2tb Western Digital Red - Storage Cooler Master Silent Hybrid Pro Fully 850w Modular Cooling: Cooler Master TPC-812 Heatsink Fan x2 Cooler Master 120mm Blade Master Fans x3 Cooler Master 120mm Excalibur Fan Gentle Typhoon AP-15 x2 Gentle Typhoon AP-29 Bold have been Received Basically this is my mod that im exiting the market with. Build something that I will not have to upgrade much in the future, and something that will be a pleasure of building, as it is my last. I love the simplistic style of Lian Li's so much. I have used LL all the way back to Citrus. This build is only possible due to someone commissioning me to build another of my Fire PC for them.
  4. i really like where this is going. very impressed with the steps that you took with forming the foam. Cant wait for more!
  5. the tpc 812 comes with an extra set of brackets and screws.
  6. yep, it only comes with one fan, and i added a cooler master blademaster to each. atm though, i am only running one fan on each and have not seen any increases in temps.
  7. 1. the ram is ok, it sits at 35c constantly. in my case before this, they were sitting at 40c. 2. everything flow from left to right. the right cpu runs about 3c more than the left cpu. 3. i had them running horizontally for a few days, while i was testing a bunch of video cards, no problem with space. I am using crucial tactical tracers for ram btw.
  8. i am actually using TPC-812s. Im running them at around 1000rpm and getting about a near silent 41C on 100% load. pretty good i think. Im going to change the fans to some gentle typhoon ap-15s so hopefully i can get it a bit quieter.