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  1. you will like the case, i have it and love it, i was unable to use the side fan due to my heatsink being so tall, but case temps are great even without it. would be nice to be able to use the side fan though......
  2. I am running the same heatsink and case and I also had to remove the side fan, quite a few of us that are using larger heatsinks had to remove it, so the side panel would close. I read that coolermaster is redesigning the side panel, but I havent read any updates on it in a while. here is a pic of my case, prolly looks alot like yours since i am using a asus mobo too, I cant help you with the audio problem since I am using a creative Xfi card. Hopefully we will hear something soon about the new panels.
  3. criton

    bottom fan

    stil no reply from my emails or pms either, would be nice to hear something, i have been a long time supporter of coolermaster products. also is there a US coolermaster site like the europe one that sells the bottom bracket?
  4. criton

    bottom fan

    where do i get the bottom fan attachment for the cosmos s? also has anyone gotten any response from coolermaster regarding heatsinks hitting the side fan I read that coolermaster would replace the side panel?? thanks
  5. Any idea as to when window side panel is going to be available for these cases? I really miss my window and like the look of the ones that coolermaster makes. thanks