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  1. Hyper 212 Modification : I like the look of the hyper 212 , and from reading the reviews its performance is some what dissapointing ... In anyway ... How about shrouding the heatsink , and moving the fan an inch or so away from the heatsink and attaching it to the shroud ? This would do 3 things ... First , allow the air to spread out a little before hitting the cooling fins , minimize dead spots [ no airfow ] and force the air completely through the heatsink .... When I ran water cooling , shrouded radiators were so much better than unshrouded .... From the look of the design , making a shroud should be easy .... Merry Christmas .... Matt
  2. Id like to see a ready to go water cooling case ... Thats right , all the water cooling gear installed and ready for the MB and cpu , etc ... Id like to see it set up so all a customer has to do is , install there gear , and put the water block on , and away they go ... A fully airtight system , with a way to check coolant levels ... Matt