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  1. thanks for the suggestions, unfortunatly I am returning to college and it becomes very difficult for me to find time to take on a project with the limited tools and time I have at school. If only this would have happened a few weeks earlier. Right now I am using the reset button as a power button. Mindless, I chose to replace the leds in my case last year, it is really inexpensive to do that from numerous sites. especially if you buy ones with the leads already attached. Anyways still waiting on a reply, Nycromes
  2. Thanks, I really appreaciate it. Nycromes
  3. I recently have been having problems getting my computer to turn on. I thought it might be the power supply or motherboard, but I recently discovered that the wire leads have broken loose right behind the button. Is there a way to get just a power button? Just curious. Thanks Nycromes
  4. I love seeing what people have done to their cases, always gives me a few ideas(which I usually never do) and helps me clarify what I want from my case/computer when I am looking to buy. Nyc
  5. Thanks for finding out for me, I really appreciate it. I guess it is time to invest in a new case. Nyc
  6. Nycromes

    Grump's Wave

    Grump, You sure did a good job with your case, I am amazed at how well thought out your plan was. I really think your change on the Aerogate I was a good change, though I did think the film coating looked really cool. I would be interested to see how something like that might look if every drive in the case was cut out of acrylic and then the film coating placed behind it. I guess that it would depend on color and the case one used, but it is an idea that I think could look really neat. Also I like the air vents you put through the bottom of the case. Wonderful job and thanks for the informative write-ups. I am new to the whole modding scene and am happy that you geared it towards everyone and not just people who already know how to mod. Thanks for the pics and writeup Nyc
  7. Thanks, I appreciate it. I know that the case is old, I was hoping that perhaps someone else may have asked a similar question. Thanks again, Nycromes
  8. I have a CM ATC-200 Case and I saw the Praetorian Cases are very similar to the server case which I own, although there are a few major differences that I noticed as well. I wanted to know if the side panel with window here: will fit on an ATC-200 case. I see that it is approved for the Praetorian case. The shape is identical to my case, but I am not sure of dimensions. Hopefully one of you can help me out, as I absolutely love my case, but want one with a window as well. I tried to search and see if anyone had posted a similar question before, but the search turned up nothing. Hope that this isnt a repost of this question. Thanks in advance, Nycromes
  9. Well I just wanted to say a few things. 1. if all the computer cooling companies release similar products, perhaps it is because the market is demanding certain things. Also companies are always taking and using ideas from other companies, just changing it enough not to get sued. The market is driving development and thats why similar products get released from multiple companies. 2. CoolerMaster is in my opinion developing products that are useful and versatile, as well as classy. TT products are useful and versatile, but they just dont look good to me. I dont like the colors they use or the way the products are put together, switching my cpu fan today cause I have had 2 TT fans break, so now my case will be all CM fans inside, yippie. All I can say is that I really like CM products, bought a case a few years ago after seeing it in a Maximum PC article about building a multimedia pc that would look great next to your entertainment system. I had to do alot of research to figure out what the case was, as it was not explained in the article. But I finally saved up some money and bought it. Everywhere I go people are always asking me about my case, it looks good and is built solid. It says alot for CM as a company, they build great cases and wonderful products. Every chance I get to put new CM parts in my computer I do, I know they are quality.