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  1. I just got mine today, put it in the wave master, i can't stand it, buzzing noice, i never heard anything like it, don't even know if i can send it back now i've opened it, i'm just gonna order somthing else i wont mention names, but the case and psu the most is very very loud.
  2. I decided to put the ram cpu and motherboard in my case and get my local shop to finish the rest, i don't really want to mess it up, and the guy doing it did this pc i'm on now and he's great at wire managment. As for cooling i'm just going to use the stock amd hsf for maybe 6months just for warrenty and most probably upgrade to a zalaman or somthing like that, the room my comp is in is cold all the time so cooling isn't to big a problem. Thank you for the tips though, ut's a great thing to learn about.
  3. That was perfect, thanks very much, some great pictures there, that weill def help me out. Thanks again.
  4. Hi all, First time poster and first time build for me, I received the case a couple off days ago just waiting on the rest of the parts to add into the case during this week. I had a very quick look inside of the case and wondered if someone could help me. The case fans do I plug them into the motherboard or plug them straight into the power supply I know it sounds a silly question but my old antec case had speed switches, with this case do I just plug it into the motherboard. Also I understand the audio power/reset plugs, but in the front (inside the case) in the middle centre just below where your hard drive goes at the bottom, there's wires and a plug just there, its hard to get to, what is that for, I’m guessing its the leds at the front of the case that I just plug into the motherboard or do I plug it straight into the psu. I know these might sound stupid questions but it's better to ask then get it wrong, thank you so much for taking the time to help. Cutterschoice.