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  1. To explain clearly 1. Turn off your PC 2. Turn off the power supply switch. 3. Turn on power button. (See if there was some power left) 4. Turn on Power supply switch 5. Turn on your PC
  2. For your info: I had some problems with my first Aquagate, I have them replaced and the weird sound is still there when you open your CPU. Then again after awhile I hardly notice anything. One of my speculations are, maybe there were still some electrical power in your PC when you turned it on. Press the power button after you turned it off. Open your PC again and see if it works. I hope It helps.
  3. My system shows the same thing at first. Now I hardly notice.
  4. Ryan

    What do I trust?

    Same here, Aplied AS5 with my Aquagate and get different readings. I'm using k8n neo platinum + AMD 64 3400+ Readings: Aquagate CPU Temp. 34.2 'C Aquagate Tank Temp 31.4 'C MSI Core Center Temp. 39'C
  5. I have no problems with my CM 450 PS. My PC's maximum usage runs only around 200 watts.
  6. I hope I can answer all your questions 1) How often do I need to re-fill the water tank where the coolant goes in and where do I get replacemant fulid from or coolant[/b] * In my case I would say in a month, this depends on how long do you intend to run your computer. If you keep on removing the hose once in a while, it will also lessen the coolant. Note: Be sure to have a tissue or a piece of clothing to cover the hose when you disconnect it from aquagate. * Where did you get your unit? Tell them to order CM coolant. 2) Is it best to put the unit inside or outside my system? * I bought the aquagate for it's innovative purposes. It is the only liquid cooling that can fit in your drive bay. If your case has a front panel like the wavemaster. Its up to you. 3) Is it reconmended to do a leak test for 24hrs before installing it ? * Not really, you can test them for 2-3 hours. Be sure to install everyting including the PCI card before you can test them. 4) Is there any planned optional extras for this unit? * they said optional feature for the Video card but i'm yet not sure. 5) Can you add uv dye to the water tank? * CM would not recommend. The color of the coolant will fade in a month.
  7. I like my praetorian case . No need of Hard Drive Cooler and fits my aquagate because there is no door panel compared to wavemaster.
  8. My Aquagate was replaced by our local CM distributor. Good Service
  9. Hey Muya, I opened the case of my aquagate and it was the fan which was delayed for a few seconds. Is there anyone from cooler master which can answer our questions.
  10. Hey Muya I just got my Aquagate and installed it last night, my unit have a cranking sound when I boot my computer. But it only lasted for 2 seconds. I will observe in a few days what will happen. Does your aquagate have these kind of anomaly?