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  1. Today I dedicate to the Bay 5.25. It's just for aesthetics are not wires:
  2. Hello people! ° As promised has been update. First go with the photos of new acquisitions: Sandisk Extreme 120Gb RAID0 EVGA GTX 480 + XSPC RAZOR FULL COVER BLOCK (soon) More Pictures: Phobya G-Changer 280 That's all for now as I can not build until I arrive backplates for 480 SLI. I will be working with the new rear cover 5.25 bay
  3. 9th Day Today at the end I could finish assembling everything without complications ... yeah! First the correction veneer ssd service to come good cables: While the paint was drying take advantage to drain the circuit This morning I finally began to build I had to get it out so that the photos can be more clearly aesthetic mini update: Well that's all for now, I'll be updating the post in the coming weeks. Hope you liked. If I get time before the end of this mod contest, I'll put transparent tubing to appreciate better the blood red liquid and black 230mm front fan. Also will update the ssd and gpus.
  4. 8th Day Today with all painted finally start putting together: Applying foam weatherstripping to the plastic holders to not scratch the reservoir: He also had to paint the DVD reader .. : D For good measure a preview of how it goes with everything mounted leaving without wires: Surprise of the day .. want to place the SATA power cable to the ssd I find that the font is backwards! probe with molex to sata adapter but does not go straight:
  5. 7th Day Yesterday was a day of sanding, painting and cleaning. That ended plastic putty sanding Then I had to apply red putty to refine the details: After painting and cleaning
  6. 6th Day Today it was sanding and caulking to aluminum sheets as seen in this last picture bigger plate had many imperfections and pores.. no choice but to stay put putty: Tomorrow should finally be ready to paint.
  7. 5th Day Today it was the ssd Trying different positions for the above I decided to put it as originally planned, at the top of 5.25 ". A measure and holes: Then make the cavity to pass the cables: in this last photo shows a calculation I did wrong because I had to enlarge a couple of holes Finally: Now the hard part I play so far is doing the same cavity in the cabinet and not passing through any other side: After a good time to hand filing was more or less but the important thing is that the wires run: Finally for today .. presented'm something like this: A preview of what will be painted aluminum sheets, flanges and bolts:
  8. 4th Day Today I dedicate to complete the circuit pump-rad-cpu-vga-reservoir-pump. Seeing that the PSU cover was not decided whether to spend hauling in the "L" that anchor the grooves that brings the haf-x factory. In fact he had not done before because I thought would look good but no, I did not like aesthetically. I also had to put screws in front and moving a bit: to finish the hole to pass the mouth of the pump: Now screw the pump to display and measure to cut the hose: Finally after placing all Now place the ssd is in the top 5.25 "(bottom not like me any way), paint and any other paint.
  9. 3rst Day Today I gave thread to see if something moved. As I wrote before I had to change the position of the pump and reservoir for aesthetics more than anything (besides had no other compressor 90 to match reservoir-pump) so I had to put the reservoir hung back and the pump below the PSU COVER. First of all amure While aluminum chapon After measuring, marking and cutting to make the hole to pass the hose down and go to the pump. [/b] This was finally: Tomorrow is to finish the hole for the pump and start sanding sheets to be best: PS: Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, now i have a better camera.
  10. 2nd Day This morning I was with the aluminum sheet to make the psu cover and leg cover 5.25 ". Here are the pics before start refine: after refine and present them to see how it goes... As you can see in the last photo, this reservoir and the ssd in different positions to see which is better
  11. That was before disassembling: 1str Day After almost completely disassemble and remove the hdd bay: Laing Thermotech ECOCIRC D5T Strong/810N MAGICOOL AGB 150mm Tomorrow I upload photos of the aluminum sheet buy today, in theory going to be a custom psu cover like the first photo. We'll see what comes out ..: D
  12. Hello, my name is Franco Cattana, aka Indiyet. I come to share the mod I did to my Haf-x. Hope you like it. The concept of this mod is that it is clean and attractive with a full window so you can fully appreciate it. I will do my best to make it so. This project started with an idea and changed over time. Although not 100% finished I must confess that I am very happy with the result so far. If time and my pocket permits, I will make some changes before the end of the competition day. HARDWARE WATERCOOLING
  13. indiyet


    They reached the UK stuff!! Now wait for the 200mm radiator..
  14. indiyet


    Holes made Painting Acrylic
  15. indiyet


    I decided to mod the side panel to full window Was waiting for a long time and day arrived: acrylic ready Tomorrow if I have time I make the holes and paint if the weather let me..