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  1. Hey Jonathan is that you? yeah it's a classic one and one of the reasons why I met you ^^ congrats brotheeeer! you have a big surprised there! I mean that......hahaha I'll keep it secret for now
  2. Aventador X Veneno

    thank you
  3. Aventador X Veneno

    thank you please stay tuned for the next update
  4. Aventador X Veneno

    update.... let's mod everything
  5. Aventador X Veneno

    Thanks bro
  6. Aventador X Veneno

  7. Aventador X Veneno

    Making the Aventador style side panel using FRP Fiberglass. First layer of fiberglass cloth second layer
  8. Aventador X Veneno

    testing hardware
  9. Aventador X Veneno

    As a scratch builder also...I always like to do things in a different ways using my very own idea. I'm using some of the Cosmos 2 brackets here and added aluminum on it to mount the reservoir. it's not finish yet, but I'm so happy what I'm seeing right now.
  10. Aventador X Veneno

    I'm using aluminum and dimm slot cover of z87 sabertooth here to mount the ram block. I'm so happy that my friend gave me his two dimm slot cover, now I have four. Thanks a lot for your support bai Benjie
  11. Aventador X Veneno

  12. Aventador X Veneno

    sure bro sorry for the late....
  13. Aventador X Veneno

    please stay tuned for the next update.
  14. Aventador X Veneno

  15. Aventador X Veneno