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  1. Hi there and welcome to my Worklog I will biuld a Case full of clear grey PMMA with 550mm x 550mm x 400mm. It will have a 9x120mm Radiator inside. On the inside of the PMMA i will paint a pattern like a Circuit with conductor tracks. So when i turn on the RGB LEDs, only the conductor tracks will light up. I build the whole electronics by myself using an Arduino. I will build a Fan-, Pump-, Light-, and Motorcontroller with an 4x20 LCD. Here are the first CAD Pictures. I dont draw the Circuit Lines in the CAD model. This is the Overhaul version of my last projekt, so i can show you where the journey is going to Next step is to order the PMMA I hope you will enjoy my worklog!
  2. Next steps are the fans and the wires First light test
  3. THANKS! First I stick the LED lights on the back of the fan. After that I use three 3mm thick PMMA staffs and stick them with Acrifix (PMMA glue) between the fan and the sphere. That´s it Works very well
  4. Hi again here are some Pictures from the 20 LED lights i build. I used three green/orange Duo LED´s per part. I stick the LED ligths on the back of every fan.
  5. Thanks! Here are some Pictures from the socket.
  6. Right I have painted the fans white and sticked them in small semi spheres. Pictures following soon
  7. Hi @ all This is my Entry for the Coolermaster 2012 Casemod Competition. I´m going to build a round PMMA Case with many fans on the outside I do all work by myself with my hands. There is no CNC parts or something like this. So, this was my output material. There are two 30cm semi spheres for the main body and twenty 8cm semi spheres for the fans. First step was to cut holes in the two big semi spheres where i can stick the small semi spheres with the fans. Next step: Holes for the small spheres After this, I stick the smaal ones on the big ones.