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  1. Sorry for the big break. Borderlands 2 have stolen a big ammount of time. Most of the mod will be as simple as possible. The cooling is mostly for design. It only need to dissipate 50W maximum... This will be the radiator: Because it has a very slim base (3,5mm) I decide to mill the routes in an 8mm thick policarbonate plate that will be screwed to the heatsink. I've made the simpliest design, for remove the air from the water cooling. This will be very important, because the pump is very small: Actually this was one of the big lateers. I just get it one week ago. (Thanks for the customs...) Finally, here is the optical drive. At first I wasn't sure whether to have it but I already knew that only a slot-in version could be an option. Tomorrow I'll start to mill out the policarbonate with a Multi-Tool. I hope it will working.
  2. This was asked and not clearly answered to be sure. The answer was that is was to show a cooler master component in the build? I want to be sure and clear about rule 4. There is no way I can proceed if everything up front had to be pictured. The Cosmos II and a few items are here and I need to begin but my parts will be trickling in till the very last minute. Please clarify, I think alot of "all ready builts" will have this problem too. Thanks! Good Luck everyone! I've asked my contact person about this, because the size of my scract mod exclude almost all CM products, and he says they wont be so stickt with Scratch Mods abuot using CM products. However, they'll be happy if 'we' use any CM products, even the smallest ones. (Case and cooler mods must use a CM case or cooler) I also asked about the range of the products and we can use anything CM has ever produced. Legacy and mobile products are in the game too, just like thermal compounds.
  3. Missing parts are on their way. Till then, I'm working on the SketchUp model, and getting started with rendering. Below is a small sampling.
  4. Hi everyone! Here is two shots of my actual HTPC. I'll use this as a donor of the mod. It has an Asus AT3IONT-I Deluxe, which is a fully integrated mITX motherboard. It only need some RAM and a hard drive to work. Even the PSU is integrated. The HTPC's case made of a faulty Denon DCD-715 CD-Player. Cheers.