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  1. I would like an answer as well. Just built new system with stacker 830 and will not post thus no beep codes to troubleshoot with.
  2. I would like to see that powerpoint file. Maybe a post would help, as nobody wants to cause any damage to this beauty. Cheers.
  3. Hey Everyone New to the forum but I just received my Stacker 830 and the I/O surround has blemishes and very noticeable as others have reported. I ordered (the case) through an online e-tailer here in Canada and they floored me with having to pay the return shipping then refund my money then I would have to buy a new case. I have e-mailed Cooler Master twice now and still no reply. I know this subject is a bit old but anybody offer anything as to get a new piece and instructions on remove and reinstall this plastic piece?? Any help would be appreciated.