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  1. MASSIVELY Creative Scratch build my friend. Well Done!
  2. Well Built Mod my friend. Should place nicely in the competition. Will help all I can. ~ Al
  3. EXCELLENT Creativity. Class and Style my friend. Best Of Luck!
  4. I could use some feedback here: I've searched for stars to use in the Medal Of Honor MOD element with no luck so I printed on photo paper with adhesive backing and cut out my own. If you have any suggestions for a better mod here I would like to hear it. If I use these I think I will have to layer a clear coat of some kind. If I use these they will be trimmed better, took forever to cut them out this far. I wonder about the clear vinyl adhesive to cover this too, I've never used it. MOD ON THE BENCH: I know it wasn't done in time for the contest but the University Of Michigan FABLab has accepted my DFX/DWG file for laser cutting and will allow me time on a WATER JET to cut the VENTS to match the doors before I SWAP and FLIP them as this shows it works: The Eagle is still concept of what I really want to do.
  5. A Thank You came today from PCs 4 VETS HQ. This is shared with everyone and all companies that support this cause. THANK YOU.
  6. Wasn't happy with the VGA Tunnel Panel so I worked on it today. It has the potential to add some style and beauty to the build so try to do it good. I still want to add a support for the GPU card, seems the card is fairly heavy and droops a bit from the cable corner, that's next. I tried using logos from the boxs, I tried printing decals, I tried GOLD LEAF, I tried to cut stencils and paint but not happy. I found some glossy, photo paper with sticky back sides. Found logos on the web, the Cooler Master GOLD was a tough one to find. Had to use a photo of the CM GOLD PSU BOX, cut and paste, clean it up, size it and print. ECS logos and coloring were easier. When I have time later I will add all the other logos for the build to it but didn't want to violate any rules about advertising, just wasn't sure. Better to be safe Not done with the MOD/Build but this is probably it until after the CM contest is over so I salute everyone and all builds in the contest. I've learned a great deal especially with the MOD ZOO discussion and the pro/experts filling us in on things. I'm a real nuub, you can tell by the traffic my logs get and have much to learn but appreciate any guidance, tips, comments and suggestions I've gotten. Thank You Cooler Master for the opportunity to join in the fun.
  7. DId a baseline/default settings 3DMark11 bench, SCORED P8981 I have no idea what's a good score and since my CPU is locked, all I can to now to play around, is Safely tweek the GPU/Video Card and monitor temps and re-bench, Re-install Windows 7 to the SSD's Raid 0 and Re-bench. Also that VGA Cooling Tunnel that increases the air flow thru the GTX 680 will be spec'd out how well that works. I have this extra CHOKE Heat Spreader and it seems to OVERLAY on the GPU just right over critical GPU chip and chokes but don't know if it would really do anything other than look cool, even if it is behind the VGA tunnel I want to know if it helps.
  8. I can't resist: KLAATU BARADA NICKTO IT"S GORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAXIMILLION?? Medal Of Honor replica will be mounted on the top slide door: I filled in the space in the "VALOR" part so it stands out. Testing mods for the MOBO, the ECS MODMEN contest gives extra points for a MOBO MOD: If you think it's deserved, Please vote daily for it at the ECS MODMEN CONTEST: Added a VGA tunnel and it's amazing how much it improves air flow thru the GTX 680: combined picture of front changes:
  9. Tweeking the Mod details on the MotherBoard and the GPU Changed the LEDS lighting the acrylics DVD shed light to RED, I like it... Replica Medal Of Honor: FIlled in the "VALOR" box with Flat Black: Positioning where I think the MOH will be mounted:
  10. Thank You Frozensnail, motivating words, In addition to a nice work giving tribute to those you speak of the auction will provide 30 to 50 disabled Veterans and their families with refurbished laptops. That is the real "touch" and mission here.
  11. I know this is my 1st real contest and personally, I approach everything with COMMON SENSE but some could really mess up the competition at the very end using the rules against finalists if they are not clarified. For example, In the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS it says: If you plan to use sponsored components for your mod: All modding work must be done by you, not the sponsors. You cannot do any advertising for the sponsors or any product in your worklog (i.e. posting links to online ecommerce sites for the product). _____________________________ The problems here are "All modding work must be done by you, not the sponsors". I have sent my designs, layout, schematics and the 3Ds MAX file for a acrylic etching, be easy to nit pick that. or A special cooling plate made for a Mod, Heck if ANTEC donates a etched window panel it violates the rule. 2nd problem, "You cannot do any advertising for the sponsors or any product in your worklog" nitpickers will flag anyone that used a sponsor LOGO in the build log as advertising, I seen them now on many logs here already. these things need to be clarified to the public NOW before they are issues for sore losers later that will only hurt the whole process. Please take this seriously before it is a problem in the end and ruins the win, the joy, the pleasure we do this for... Thank You. Al Shuryan Co-ChaIr/Director PCs4VETS a 501 © (3) Service Disabled Veteran Owned Charity.
  12. (tower mod)PCs4VETS Medals Of Valor "SCREAMING EAGLE" PCs4Vets is a IRS registered 501 © (3) charitable organization and a registered SDVOB that refurbishes computers and then donates them to veterans and their family members, along with FREE educational training and software. Service Disabled Veteran Run 501c3 foundation hiring Service Disabled Veterans to refurbish computers for Service Disabled Veterans. Being a Charitable foundation and this a auction build, most of the products used are sponsored in this project. Inspiration for this creation is VALOR in battle honoring the courage, merit and gallantry of our soldiers. CASE: Cooler Master Cosmos II MOTHERBOARD: ECS Golden Board Z77H2-A2X Black Extreme CPU: INTEL I5-3550 LGA1155 RAM: Kingston 16GB Quad Channel DDR3 - 1866Mhz Memory GPU: ECS Black Series GTX 680 (the only one in the world, they decided not to market the card) PSU: ECOMASTER ENERMAX sponsored a LEPA G1000 Power Supply SSD: Intel SSD 320 Series 160Gb, Corsair Force GT 240Gb DVD: Compaq Presario CQ50 SATA Laptop CD-RW DVD-RW DL Lightscibe Multi Burner Drive AD-7561S USB ADD-ON: NZXT IU01 Internal USB Expansion Board Cooling: CPU: Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme Closed Loop GPU: Dual fans on Card Shroud MEMORY: Kingston HyperX KHX-FAN-B Cooling Fans FANS: 4x Ecomaster LEPA Blue Chopper fans, 4x Prolima Tech Blue LED 140mm and 120mm 1x Coolermaster 200mm case fan FANS: Scythe SY1212SL12H Slip Stream Slim (Under radiator push side fans fix) CABLES: Corsair Professional Series Black Sleeved extension cables (I may sleeve some of the cables) CUSTOM: Blue Hexis Di-Noc CUSTOM: 3M 3D Effect Carbon Fiber Di-Noc CUSTOM DECAL: Lethal Threat Rip and Tear Eagle with Flag see thru CUSTOM EMBLEM: Replica U.S. Army Medal Of Honor CUSTOM EMBLEM: Silver Star Tribute Coin CUSTOM TRIM: Gold Automotive molding LIGHTING: NZXT LED Light Cable, 2x LOGISYS 12" Blue Cathodes, 2x LOGISYS 4" Blue Cathodes KEYBOARD: AZIO Levetron Mech 5 Mechanical MOUSE: AZIO Levetron GM533U Gaming Mouse SOUND: Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Computer Speaker system Our concept design is to enhance the beauty of the Cosmos II by adding some color, a grill, improve the vent look and HONOR our Wounded Warriors. This Custom creation will be auctioned and will pay to refurbish 30 to 50 laptops The primary scheme is the Medal Of Honor. The GOLD and the Blue will be seen throughout but Bronze and Silver Stars will also be represented. This project will be a team project and I will be adding to the following member list as they commit. Reno Vatio - design partner and artist, from concept ideas, colors, design and most of all graphics, Reno is a graphics wizard. His logo will be added to jpg's soon. Products so far include: COSMOS II - Sponsored by Cooler Master ECS Golden Board Z77H2-A2X Black Extreme ONE OF A KIND, THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD BLACK SERIES ECS GTX 680: Sponsored: Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme, Ecomaster LEPA Chopper fans. I contributed and HUE for lighting Sponsored: Kingston 16GB Quad Channel DDR3 - 1866Mhz Memory and a SSDNOW 200 128gb drive Sponsored: AZIO Mech 5 Mechanical Keyboard INTEL Sponsored: INTEL I5-3550 LGA1155 and a 160GB SSD ] Sponsored: Prolima Tech Fans Prolima Tech Blue LED 140mm and 120mm Tech Fans for the build Prolima Tech PK-5 Thermal Compound ECOMASTER ENERMAX sponsored a LEPA G1000 Power Supply You paying attention? The Build/MOD begins: What do you mean I wasn't supposed to start the build??? I did a test layout and found a problem: Now this is debatable, to do apush pull set up 3 or 4 fans here's the problem, what do you think? Using a ECS Z77 Golden COSMOS II and Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme The only place to put a closed loop Extreme is upper inside case because the hoses will not reach the cpu from the bay underneath nor will the 240 radiator fit on the back and the top cover does not allow enough clearance for push pull like I want here. It wont fit above the frame and will only allow fans on top of the radiator due to memory clearence. I think I can solve this problem with this slim scythe SL12H fan, I'll update when I know. I was playing with a concept idea of the Screaming Eagle Shredding out of the front case behind the drop down slide panel. so when you slide it down the eagle and talons actually come out at you with a sound effect of a eagle scream with it. Well when I showed a few friends they joked: "does it come out every hour?" I never thought of that imagery and decided not to do this, so go ahead and laugh, it's on me and my ideas: Tear down: I Plan to enhance the WING Image of the doors so the vents need to be on the upper not lower half of the doors. I call this the LEETOOL, Lee Hancock inspired me to experiment with the doors and I had to create this to work the tabs in the doors. The hinges and latches do not line up if you switch doors so I swapped the door backing and IT WORKS!!! The vent section of the door backing will be cut out and swapped. The door with 4 vents will be cut to match the 8 vents and Lee Harrington has a door backing section with the 8 vents so I can match up the vent look. The mesh will be taken out and replaced with acrylic with stars cut out for vent holes, edge lit with golden LEDS for Gold Stars.. Depending on the looks after the vent cutting and experimenting I may or may not FLIP/SWAP/MOD the doors. Clean the case with 91% Isopropyl Alchohol I also ran the heat gun on high over the case and wipe down as I did to remove any other MFG. Oils and such 1st coating is a Adhesion promoter called BULLDOG. It's $$$ The Paint is Rust-Oleum Universal Rubbed Copper I call it Titanium Gold Flake This is my kind of Tree decorations, one friend called it my COSMOS MOBILE: 2 coats, 48hrs, wet sand 200 grit, another coat, 48 hrs, wet sand, thin spray coat, 6 hours and VALSPAR clear coat: SOB!!! DAG NABBIT!!! The AZIO MECH 5 Di-Noc'd and minor tweeks.... Assembly Begins, MOBO mods AND THE ONE AND ONLY ECS BLACK SERIES GTX 680 in the world. That Di-Noc has some really sweet effect, every angle it looks different. Need some repectable BLING on the front grill: Above the grill is the slide down cover with matching Blue DI-Noc. The star will be in the place of the CM logo.... and Might be a SILVER START (which is really gold) If I can arrange to get one... Break in the weather so I decorated the tree: REPAINT after sanding it all off: Solved the Radiator/Fan problem where the COSMOS II with a ECS Golden and ThermalTake Water 2.0 wont allow me to Push Pull with standard fans. I put the normal Fan up top and used these New Scythe SY1212SL12H Slip Stream Slim Sleeve Bearing 120MM: John Hanlon donated a 500MB Hard Drive and sent a prezzie with it, A Raspberry PI! Look from down under of the only existing ECS GTX 680 in the world: Instead of using a Actual Silver Star or Medal of Honor on the front cover door I chose to use this: Front Door Panel: Sleeved the Thermal Take Water 2.0 cooler tubes: Added acrylics, light and a laptop DVD drive: Needed a 3rd hand with the heat gun when doing the Di-Noc so I did this to my gun: Decided to take the Blue HEXIS Di-Noc over the top: Top, front, acrylics and added the gold molding on top.. Improved the "MOD" of the AZIO Mech 5 Keyboard with a few more details: Next up is lighting, cable management and some MOBO mods...
  13. My question is: "rule #4, I have a COOLER MASTER CASE, but not ALL of any brand products I am going to use to take a picture of ALL of the items before I start. is that rule going to change?" I don't see how people that have Already Built entries can take a picture of ALL the items used before they build.