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  1. Aaaaaand It's done. Final pictures Hope you like it, Please give me som feedback
  2. Foil mounted, grid has been put in, and plexi ribs fit as they should Power button is mounted and so are the pci cables 2x radiator, 2 Silverstone Air Penetrator fans mounted and 2 Aqua Computer grills plexi side on the right side of the cabinet is fitted with 100% window film, to achieve this effect, it looks better irl then it's turned off it's totally black at the top is the Samsung SSD and at the bottom, the pump some off the tubing The coverplate on top of the motherboard Next update with final pictures
  3. Update. plexi side ready for black foil foil mounted (bubbles are removed after the picture was taken) foil mounted on button part.
  4. update. The standoffs for the motherboard lead-through for the tubing and pci-e cables it's going fast, test mount off the motherboard and dvd drive, also the top plate is finished.
  5. the "tower" is taking shape Spacers between the top and bottom plates, the 4 blue plexi plates also goes in here. Template to create the blue plexi-plates polishing the edges test mount Thats all for now
  6. Hi people This is my first scratch build, for those who has seen the Mod Men Show, will maybe recognize the case, my build is inspired by there mod men pc, but changed the designe a bit and some other things here and there. all is hand made or made with manual machinery, so no CNC is used. material: MDF, plexi, stainless steel, nylon, Hardware: Asus Gene-z Samsung 128GB SSD 8gb Kingston RAM Zotac AMP2 580 3GB Intel i5 2500K Cooler master Silent Pro M2 1000W Water cooling: 2xSingle radiator XSPC raystorm cpu cooling head EK gtx580 block innovatek tube Laing DDC pump XSPC Laing DDC Reservoir Top Feser fittings Enjoy. Inventor drawing of the build