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  1. Entering this wave of sustainability, give new life to an old case of 3 pens I use mostly old and used parts that have already been thrown in the trash, will be a recycling of old cabinets along with several other pieces of electronics products, the main idea is to give a modern look to an office of 3 bays, cut and add parts that give it the functionality and support for any model of motherboard, not forgetting that the cooling will be especially careful, try to unite practicality, functionality, security, performance and ease of handling. The changes are: * Raise the front of the case and put 3 more 25cm Fans 120mm along with the reservoir watercooler. * placing a radiator 4fans the left side. * Top cut and put 2mm acrylic. * Right side put acrylic 4mm. * Put also a base which will give two bays at the bottom of the case. * To conclude, Drooples a painting to give an effect and let the Case quite different. Hope you enjoy and sorry if the pictures are not in the taste of you, if anyone wants to give some more tips just contact me. Â Thanks hugs!!