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  1. Sorry guys it's hard to find the right hardware and sleeving with my low budget for hardware , also , i still have much work to do so i hope i can get my hardware asap and post the progress. The main idea: lighting the casing and interior with rgb leds to make it a "cloak" and a programmable led display on front.
  2. A liitle Update (Sorry for the bad resolution)
  3. Let Me introduce myself First : i am usually called Je and if you ask where the name ModForFun comes well, it's my hobby and i think it's Fun I live in Indonesia so please excuse me if i have bad english.And sorry if i can't post oftenly i still have other works to do. So about My project: Fusion is a project with inspiration from The Newest and Most Popular games Now Such As: Crysis 2, Mass Effect 3, Half Life 2(Well it's Still Quite Popular),etc and is air cooled(it actually is because it's hard finding watercooling parts in indonesia but nevermind) I will also mod the keyboard, mouse and mousepad( i am still thinking what i can do with them). I will start posting pictures of the project once i get the case and main components.