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  1. 90% finished PSU cover Trouble Shooting Go PHILIPPINES RFID card Testing with the LCD to tell you what happens inside hello there guys... deadline is approaching and here it comes.. here is the FINISHED Project of mine.. almost two months of hard work, plannings and preparations to finish this project.. this project is a Card controlled Rig.. This the RFID module interface to an ARDUINO module... to serve the light control and on/off automation of the CPU. This is how it works (will post video tomorrow) sample picture of Finished project Hope you like it guys side panel front open hood close hood alternative to sleeves... insulator tube installed instead of sleeves.... i think it is unique?? lights on Computer Specification: CoolerMaster 690 Plus AMD Athlon II X2 260 Asus M4A785TD-V EVO 8gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 Seasonic M12II 620W Inno3d 560ti OC Gamepack Corsair H50 Cooler CoolerMaster Fan hope you like it guys... goodluck to all participants... this mod inspire to think some new idea on PC modding... THANKS to COOLERMASTER and to those who help while doing this...
  2. UPDATE!!! thanks for viewing.. circuitry mode...
  3. UPDATE!! guys sorry for the pic.. cellphone camera only progress Some paint and details to be added tomorrow Where to use this tubes??? Tomorrow.. ELectronics modification, RFID will be inserted in this project Thanks guys.. Happy READING
  4. because of rainy weather.. slight modification in the top panel is finished.. thanks guys.. hoping for a sunny weather tomorrow..
  5. Dummy Clay mods for Cliffjumper Prime Car Type that will put inside the case... will put some details tomorrow in this clay car.... THANKS FAN body paint is on going MESH paint Fan controller attached in the top panel of the case after busy day this is the latest picture of the interiors I will keep posting pictures rainy day.. can't finish paint jobs
  6. Finish product of interior side-panel painting. Interior: Gray blend with silver Side Panel: Pure Orange Next is the top panel modification, Some hole making.. Then I put a fan controller in the hole I made.. Tomorrow i will paint the top panel and the front panel with gunn metal and orange... Thanks for reading.. HOPE YOU LIKE IT! OOPSS! Some modding item arrive.. hope to get my budget so i will finish it early MODDING ITEM LED, Printed Circuit Board, Powdered Ferric Chloride, Wires, LDR( Light Dependent Resistor) and Infrared LED which i will use for electronics modification. Cant wait for my arduino, RFID, and Biometrics to arrive..
  7. second coating of fans linings will be painted with orange
  8. hello there guys... this is the samples of the paint job I've finish this day... fan blade samples: PCI-E bracket painted by orange:
  9. ready for paint job.. hoping for a sunny weather tomorrow sample picture of side panel modification. i'm still looking where to buy the mesh which i will use in it.