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  1. Projekt name: Hello Kitty

    This is project completed. The final pictures.
  2. Projekt name: Hello Kitty

    The Aquatuning pack arrived, big thanks for the support.
  3. Projekt name: Hello Kitty

    The cable sleeving and management.
  4. Projekt name: Hello Kitty

    Integration of power and reset buttons into the flowers.
  5. Projekt name: Hello Kitty

    The top and front panel from plexiglass.
  6. Projekt name: Hello Kitty

    Painting of ventilator and decor panels.
  7. Projekt name: Hello Kitty

    The cover and cover and cover...
  8. Projekt name: Hello Kitty

    I continued building the computer. The top and front cover, material pvc foam 5mm. Magnetic dust filter
  9. Projekt name: Hello Kitty

    Hey guys. I finished my previous work (A.P.R.P.M.), this is the next challenge. This time the chosen theme is my daughter's favorite: Hello Kitty The new project sponsors: Asus Hungary,,CoolerMaster Hungary. Thank you for the support! The radiator konzol from CoolerMaster Mastermaker 5 case.
  10. Master Maker ROG Edition

    The "new side panel".
  11. Master Maker ROG Edition

    Final photos.
  12. Master Maker ROG Edition

    Semi-finish state.
  13. Master Maker ROG Edition

    The sponsors' wall.
  14. Master Maker ROG Edition

    The Naoxia Coolforce led fitting.
  15. Master Maker ROG Edition

    Cable modding and sleeving.