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  1. This is project completed. The final pictures.
  2. The Aquatuning pack arrived, big thanks for the support.
  3. The cable sleeving and management.
  4. Integration of power and reset buttons into the flowers.
  5. The top and front panel from plexiglass.
  6. Painting of ventilator and decor panels.
  7. The cover and cover and cover...
  8. I continued building the computer. The top and front cover, material pvc foam 5mm. Magnetic dust filter
  9. Hey guys. I finished my previous work (A.P.R.P.M.), this is the next challenge. This time the chosen theme is my daughter's favorite: Hello Kitty The new project sponsors: Asus Hungary,,CoolerMaster Hungary. Thank you for the support! The radiator konzol from CoolerMaster Mastermaker 5 case.
  10. The Naoxia Coolforce led fitting.