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  1. Soul-i-Doll

    Ship One

    Paint. Steam compressor. Only one photo. Sorry. Mega 2560 for 2 gauges. Final photo.
  2. Soul-i-Doll

    Ship One

    Hardware Printing parts. Frames for radiator fixing. Hood. All parts together. Putty. Claudia Unit pipes. Final putty and primer.
  3. Soul-i-Doll

    Ship One

    Greetings everyone! This case design based on the form of a flying machine "vanship" from the anime Last Exile. Good luck to all participants!
  4. Soul-i-Doll

    (Final) Mastermind

    Final photo. Thanks for watching and good luck everyone.
  5. Soul-i-Doll

    (Final) Mastermind

    Mastermind. Brains. Painting. Hardware montage.
  6. Soul-i-Doll

    (Final) Mastermind

    Hello everyone! My project called Mastermind. The case design based on the videogame - Doom. The Spider Mastermind appears as a huge brain with facial features, mounted a top a cybernetic chassis with four mechanical legs and a chaingun, making it similar to a spider at first glance. In project creation I've used 3d printing, PVC, fiberglass with an epoxy and and aluminum sheet for cooling fins. In this mod I tried to make cooling fins like spider brain. I used for this Cooler Master TPC 800. Here are some photos of the creating process. Hardware. Make a base. Legs, legs, legs... Mount base again. Chaingun.
  7. Soul-i-Doll

    (Final) Animunculus

    Hello everyone. Here are some photos of the process of creating mod. In the store I've found plafond for street lamps. I've cut it a bit. And started to add details. More and more details. After that I've painted it all. And that's what happened in the end.
  8. Soul-i-Doll

    (Final) Animunculus

    Hi everyone! I was lucky to get a few drawings and ancient artifacts. Here are some photos. Gonna try to restore this mechanism. So let's start and good luck to all in this competition.
  9. Soul-i-Doll

    [Scratch Build] Self Made Man

    At last... the final photo! That's all
  10. Soul-i-Doll

    [Scratch Build] Self Made Man

    Hello everyone! Finally I did it.I had a lot of cutting and welding, welding and cutting, but still I made it Sorry for the small amount of photos. Sometimes I forget about the camera. And now in order... At first I created a three-dimensional model and unwrap details. Then carried them to the metal. Made case. Here everything should fit. Skeleton Checkout. Doesn't fall Details for the feet. Mounting. Done! Now came the turn of hands. Still without a head Head. Here I got carried away the mod. And remember that it is necessary to take pictures only when all parts primed Painting.
  11. Soul-i-Doll

    [Scratch Build] Self Made Man

    little update hardware
  12. Hi! My name Denis aka Soul-i-Doll I'm starting a new project "Self Made Man". It's inspired by the work of Eric Joisel. At the moment I only have an idea in my head and steel sheet. So, let's cut'em all. To be continued... and good luck everyone!
  13. Soul-i-Doll

    Scratch Build - Dreadclaw

    that is all thanks everyone and good luck)